Why I set out to develop the best eCommerce digital marketing agency

Updated on 23 Nov 2022 by Elliott Davidson

I’m Elliott, founder of Contrast, eCommerce business owner, and entrepreneur. I always knew I wanted to create a successful eCommerce business (much like you do). And due to a combination of pure curiosity and a sixth sense for an opportunity (you know the feeling), from a young age I started experimenting with small eCommerce endeavours, kick-starting my journey into eCommerce. Many years later, I now own and operate eCommerce stores that bring in several million each year, and my success is still on the up.

After analysing eCommerce businesses, I came up with an eCommerce operating system (OS). Made up of 6 core pillars that any successful eCommerce business needs:

  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Product
  • Customer Support
  • Finance
  • Fulfilment

The conclusion I came to after identifying the eCommerce OS is that managing all of these aspects is like running multiple different businesses all in one. You’re getting pulled left, right and centre on a daily basis and you lose the ability to take a step back, and as the old saying goes, you should be working on your business, not in it.

This is when I decided two out of six of the eCommerce OS functions should be outsourced where possible. These two aspects are marketing and fulfilment as these are the two that are most difficult to handle in house and easiest to outsource.

Having worked in the marketing industry for several years both in house and agency side, I can say the infrastructure an agency creates is a perfect incubator for nurturing talent, being at the forefront of industry leading knowledge, and creating repeatable processes.

However, I noticed a trend that the majority of eCommerce businesses and marketing agencies were leaving money on the table. Reflecting on this, I asked myself what would be required to become the best eCommerce digital marketing agency. I first identified what was lacking in most eCommerce marketing services. Then I created a detailed criteria for what makes a top eCommerce marketing agency.

I wanted an eCommerce digital marketing agency that has all the resources needed to nurture and grow my own businesses. As well as having the resources needed for your businesses. However, I found this very difficult to find, so I created it myself.

Below I will discuss what most eCommerce marketing services are lacking and the criteria for a top eCommerce marketing agency.

What’s missing in eCommerce digital marketing?

Gap 1: Other agencies only focus on acquisition

Most eCommerce businesses and digital marketing agencies focus on bringing in new customers and forget that they already have a large audience of people who have already bought from them. These past customers are much easier and more likely to purchase again compared to strangers to your business.

Although acquisition services are a very important aspect of eCommerce marketing, retention services are also essential. Agencies only offering acquisition services are leaving the most profitable revenue on the table, essentially losing profit and increasing investment costs for their clients.

But why are retention services so important? Check out these statistics:

  • Acquiring a new customer can cost you 5 times more than retaining one of your current customers.
  • You can increase your profit by 25-95% by increasing your customer retention by just 5%.
  • Selling to your current customers is 60-70% successful. Whereas, selling to new customers is only 5-20% successful.

Although what other agencies are doing isn’t bad, they could be doing better. So I set out to get the best for your businesses as well as my own.

Our solution: Focus on both acquisition and retention

Here at Contrast, I’ve developed a proven growth framework that focuses on both acquisition and retention. Made up of demand capture, demand generation, and customer retention, my framework drives short and long-term growth by capturing attention and generating sales from new and existing customers - so you can get the best possible revenue and ROI.

1. Demand capture

Generate sales through paid search and shopping campaigns and SEO (targeting bottom and middle of the funnel) from customers searching for the products you sell.

2. Demand generation

Generate sales by making your target customers aware of your brand and products using Digital PR, Influencer marketing, SEO (top of the funnel), and paid social campaigns.

3. Customer retention

Generating sales from existing customers through strategies like email marketing, SMS marketing, loyalty schemes, and paid remarketing.

Gap 2: Other agencies aren’t eCommerce specialists

The second gap I noticed in the industry is the lack of digital marketing agencies that specialise in eCommerce. Most digital marketing agencies are generalists who offer services to different industries including finance and SaaS as well as eCommerce.

Although this means they may have wider experience across different industries, they lack the deeper knowledge and skills that comes with specialising in an individual industry. This deeper knowledge and specialist skills are needed to have the biggest success within each individual unique industry.

As well as working with clients from a wide range of industries (instead of specialising in one industry), other agencies also don’t have any first hand experience of running their own business. This means they are missing out on developing and refining their strategies and services within their own business, which would also give them the deeper knowledge and skills needed for success within their businesses industry.

Although they may have learnt about eCommerce digital marketing strategies, they can’t really know how to get the best ROI until they have practised using the strategies. And as they don’t manage their own eCommerce business, these strategies will be tested on clients' stores, risking their clients investment and business success.

Our solution: We manage our own 6 and 7 figure eCommerce businesses

You want the best for your eCommerce business? You need an eCommerce specialist agency.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we only work with eCommerce clients. Naturally, this means that we have deeper specialist knowledge in eCommerce and know how to really help grow your eCommerce business. After all, it is what we do everyday.

We have a core inhouse team of specialists in eCommerce digital marketing. We also have a wide network of high level specialists that we can reach out to, so you will always get top quality service from high-level eCommerce specialists.

Not only have we developed our eCommerce knowledge, skills, and experience from working with our eCommerce clients, but we also own and manage more than 8 eCommerce stores bringing in 6 and 7 figures annually. Naturally, this first hand eCommerce experience has expanded our eCommerce knowledge and puts us in the perfect position to understand you and your business.

We know what it’s like to be in our client’s position - to start up and manage your own eCommerce store, issues you might come across, and what it takes to be successful. We have tested different strategies and approaches on our own eCommerce businesses which allowed us to develop our growth framework. We use this to take your business straight to profit rather than testing on your business and risking your revenue and profit.

If you would like to work with us, simply get in touch.

If you’re fed up with not getting the eCommerce digital marketing services you deserve, check out our services and set your business up for success.