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75+ eCommerce Marketing Statistics & Trends To Ignite Your Strategies in 2020

Puja Kotecha updated on: 28th Nov 2019

The world of eCommerce Marketing is growing at an alarming rate. In such a fast paced and hungry market, it’s crucial to have all the right elements in your eCommerce store to encourage a healthy conversion rate.

We’ve gathered together a whole host of stats from key leading sources that should help you feed your strategies for 2020 with some insightful gold…

Omni-Channel & Mobile eCommerce Stats

Here’s a few juicy stats to get started with around mobile and omni-channel eCommerce.

It’s long been a fact that mobile trends are on the up. According to the book Hooked, by Nir Eyal, research is suggesting that people are checking their mobiles in excess of an astounding 25 times a day.

Successful eCommerce marketing must include a solid plan for mobiles & devices.

Omni channel is also the best way to get interacting with your customers from multiple touch points. Sending out your message in multiple forms, from multiple sites is a must.

Here’s the stats we found:

Abandoned Cart eCommerce Stats

So many abandoned carts, all that lovely lost revenue. Why didn’t they continue to checkout? Some of the stats we found uncover some of those mysteries…

Are your shipping costs aren’t clear? Is your returns policy is hard to find? Is it difficult to find a way to get in touch? Or perhaps people just don’t have a clue how long delivery will take...

All of the elements above are crucial information points on your website. Here’s some stats we found to back this up:

What are trust signals and why do I need them on my eCommerce site?

Trust signals are pieces of information that are placed on a web page in order to reassure or prove to a potential customer, that you are a trustworthy site.

Trust signals can be things like: Reviews, clear site policies, open disclosure of shipping costs, easy to find contact references and so on.

Trust signals reassure customers that it’s safe to make a purchase from you.

The following stats show that they are becoming more and more important as consumers become more savvy and have such a wide variety of places to shop from:

How important are shipping costs and returns policies when it comes to eCommerce websites?

If you really stop and think about this, it’s fairly obvious that in order to attract a new customer, or keep your current ones happy, this information should be readily available for all to see on your site.

It’s quite an eye opener that these details get left out of so many eCommerce websites, and subsequently sites can lose lots of sales as a result.

More interestingly is the increasing popularity of making multiple purchases, also known as bracket purchases.

What are bracket purchases? When a customer makes multiple variation purchases of the same product, then returns the ones that aren’t right.

For example, You have a hot date or important interview coming up, and you want to look your best. You’ll buy three variations of that fabulous clothing item, to be sure you get the right size without having the hassle of returning the original item and waiting days for redelivery. You’ll then return the ones that aren’t the right fit and keep the one that is the correct size.

Noticing the subtle habits of consumers with trends like bracket purchasing, can help you plan your customer journey, product options and all kinds of other cool things to make people feel good about their purchases.

Here’s Why Instagram is the Best Social Media Platform for eCommerce

Some brands are winning big with eCommerce on Instagram. It’s no wonder it’s a big hit too, because it’s so visual and prolifically used by influencers.

Flicking through instagram is an obsession for some, so it’s the perfect place to catch people in a good mood to make a purchase.

Here’s some compelling stats to show how effective Instagram can be for eCommerce:

Finally a nice fat stack of consumer purchasing habits & trends to fire you up!

The following stats just confirm that eCommerce is a growing force to be reckoned with. The companies that take stock of how consumers are behaving are positioning themselves to win.

Here at contrast we have our finger on the pulse… if you want killer strategies to fuel your eCommerce marketing for 2020, get in touch here, we’d love to help you succeed.

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