AHD Plant Hire operate in Nottingham, Derby and Chesterfield, specialising in Grab Hire services, Mini Diggers, Groundworks, Civils and bulk Aggregates for the domestic market, larger contractors, house builders and motorway maintenance.

Number of additional grab loads in 2018 alone through Adwords campaigns
AHD Plant Hire have been able to purchase two 8 wheel, 32 tonne lorries worth £270,000

The challenge: to build a complete online presence from scratch...

...and gain regular incoming work from PPC (Google Adwords).

AHD had been using Yell for many years but felt they were not generating any new enquiries as they had little to no visibility on campaigns and had no way to track any leads generated.

With several other local businesses offering the same products and services, it was vital for AHD to have a Pay Per Click campaign that produced quality leads and converted into ‘Grab Hire Jobs’.

We started by looking at the website and creating some new Landing Pages that mirrored the customer journey. The content on their website didn’t reflect their expertise and ability - they do regular work for major house builders, have a fleet of clean new lorries and offer a super fast service for households - and so potential customers would not know any of this.

As a young business relative to their industry and despite being based in the heart of the Midlands, AHD Plant Hire struggled with exposure. It seemed that every other Grab company was getting most of the local business.

The problem was further compounded by the fact they weren’t ranking for any of their target keywords organically, and in turn meant that they weren’t getting any traffic to their website

A very well built Google Adwords PPC campaign.

We conducted a comprehensive discovery session to gain information from AHD in order to come up with the perfect Pay Per Click Google campaign, including:

We then implemented multiple tracking codes so we could understand what was happening with the campaign:

Telephone calls bring the most business in for AHD. They still get good amounts of work from email and contact forms, but calls were the real driving force that set this campaign alight.

We were able to split customers into user groups, identifying the key motivations, triggers and shopping habits of each. We achieved this by looking into Google Analytics and PPC sales data as well as tracking conversions back to keyword level.

Finally, in order to really understand that we were bringing the right kind of leads to AHD, we were able to listen back on the phone call to rate each new client. New client, old client, wrong kind of client, and even calls from the wrong geographic areas.

This gave use the knowledge we needed to refine and optimize the campaign to generate the most business possible for AHD.

£1,500 Google Adwords Budget converted into £25,000 ROI

Each month AHD put a £1,500 budget into their Google Adwords campaign and for the past 2 years we have regularly generated them back £25,000 in Grab Hire sales

They also get an amazing CTR ‘Click Through Rate’ of around 9% (industry standard normally 2%) and generate over a 100 phone call leads - around 65% are closed.

Emails and forms are also yielding bigger and more corporate jobs from larger companies.

Off the back of this fantastic campaign, AHD has now found the confidence to purchase 2 brand new 6 wheel rigs and we are warming up for phase two of this amazing growth story.

We have been working with the team over at Contrast for more than 2 years and they have completely changed the fortunes of the business.

We have had more ‘grab loads’ this year than any other year and have just bought 2 new 8 wheel rigs costing £270,000 on the strength of the work they have done.

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