Case study: Secured more than 400+ leads per month & less than target CPA.

Birmingham Car Keys has been helping drivers get back on the road with their auto locksmith services since 2010. Working in and around Birmingham, they offer everything from car key and lock replacements to car key programming. Having started with just one man and a van, they’ve grown into a successful company with a fleet of vehicles and a state-of-the-art workshop.

The Challenge

Maintain a steady number of conversions.

For Birmingham Car Keys their goal was simple: to keep their target cost per acquisition below £5 on both their Birmingham and Mercedes Car Keys websites.

Having grown substantially since 2010, this wasn’t a major growth project. Instead it was about maintaining their already impressive figures and keeping a steady number of enquiries coming in. It was also an opportunity to highlight any missed opportunities within their PPC efforts and optimise any underperforming areas.

After previously working with an agency, they were looking to switch to a smaller agency for more support and reached out to Contrast after being recommended within the industry.

At this point in their journey, we were a better fit for their business needs and could provide the high level of expertise they were used to but on a smaller scale.

The Solution

Optimising their keywords to boost conversion rate and prevent wasted ad spend.

We ensured the fundamentals were in ship shape so Birmingham Car Keys were creating ads off a solid foundation that worked with their paid search efforts, not against them.

To try and maintain regular conversions, we implemented the following tactics on their ads across both sites:

  • Added more specific keywords to help increase conversion rate and be able to pause broader keywords.
  • Added negative keywords to avoid wasting spend.
  • Made bid adjustments to decrease prices on times/devices/locations that were more expensive but converting less.
  • Optimised their messaging and changed the copy in ads to see if it would help pausing keywords that were underperforming or hadn’t converted in a long time.
  • Looked at search term lists and added keywords.

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here or do anything cutting edge - just a solid campaign that can still be the lifeline for a SME.

The Result

An increase in conversions for Mercedes Car Keys and a lower cost per conversion for Birmingham Car Keys.

Month on month, Mercedes Car Keys is performing better in multiple areas. Across 6 months their cost per click has lowered and their cost per conversion has decreased by 14%.

While their conversion rate is higher and they’re bringing in an extra 23% more conversions overall.

And for Birmingham Car Keys, conversions cost a little more money in comparison but, again, we’ve been able to reduce the CPA by 3.5%.

It just goes to show that not every campaign is run with the intention to produce month over month growth.

We have to remember that these numbers are pretty consistent which was their goal from the beginning. And producing small, consistent leads is still a win.

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