Case study: Generated an extra 84 leads in 3 months through paid search.

Leedale is a family-owned construction support services company that’s been around since 1989. Think grab, digger and tipper hire, road haulage, land restoration - that sort of stuff. Today they’re one of the East Midlands’ best known and most respected companies in the construction and waste management industry.

The Challenge

Generate more leads at a lower cost per conversion.

As the business was growing and taking on new staff, as well as buying new trucks and equipment, Leedale needed the extra new business to fuel this growth.

This is when Leedale looked at how they could generate extra leads and revenue moving forward. Having previously used paid media, they knew this was an avenue to explore and reached out to Contrast.

The Solution

A smart paid search campaign powered by data-led location and device targeting.

We created a highly targeted campaign to attract more customers in Leedale’s local area. By doing location targeting specifically in the East Midlands (covering Staffordshire, Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield and Chesterfield), we made sure our campaign was only visible to the people in the right area.

Now that we were targeting the right locations, we looked into their users’ online behaviour via Google Analytics and PPC sales data, as well as tracking conversions back to keyword level. We were able to split customers into user groups, identifying the key motivations, triggers and shopping habits of each, as well as how they were reaching out to Leedale.

Around 15% of their leads came in through contact forms - the remaining 85% came in through phone.

So while Leedale still got some good work from emails and submission forms, phone calls brought in the greatest amount of business by far. They were the real driving force that set their paid search efforts alight.

Because of this, we did bid adjustments for mobile since people were more likely to convert (and convert higher) over the phone. Plus people often rang more in the morning, so more budget was placed in the morning.

Oliver Walkup

Oliver Walkup Commercial Director at Leedale

Extremely happy that we are coming up top of the Google AdWords now.

The Result

We generated an extra £40,000 in revenue in the first 3 months.

Through our paid search efforts, within 3 months we brought in 84 leads at an average cost per lead of £43, which meant we actually came in under Leedale’s initial target cost of £50.

Based on industry benchmarks, typically 8 out of 10 people converted. So roughly 67 out of 87 leads converted - with an average of 2 grab loads per customer at £300 each - which generated an extra revenue of £40,000 within those 3 months.

If we were to forecast this for a year, we’d see that it would bring them in approximately £160k in turnover.

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