Case study: 50% increase in enquiries in less than 6 months with a website consolidation.

Muck-Truck is the market leader for powered wheelbarrows which are designed and developed in the UK and are recognised globally in the construction and landscaping sector. Muck-Trucks are built for moving heavy materials seamlessly; there are over five products that each have specialist qualities.

The Challenge

A messy digital footprint for an industry leader not reflecting their true authority.

Muck-Truck required a digital strategy that would allow them to showcase their industry leading products online, which they did not utilise before.

Unfortunately they faced many challenges due to having multiple websites targeting different countries and in some cases even the same country. This made things very messy to manage and hard to keep track of what was working and what wasn’t.

This then added to the fact that this diluted their marketing budget across their various sites and meant they weren’t making a hedgeway. Muck-Truck didn’t have the right performance data to know which strategies to commit to further.

They also had large ambitions of increasing their market share starting with the UK primarily then moving onto other countries. This meant that they needed a strategy that would be centred around driving customer enquiries. On top of this the strategy would want to lay the foundation for a sustainable long term growth.

Terry Rowlands, the creator and Managing Director of Muck-Truck needed specialist help as they didn’t have the time or knowledge within the in-house team to come up with and carry out a strategic plan to achieve his business goals.

The Solution

A fruitful digital marketing strategy to assist with Muck-Truck’s business ambitions.

Not knowing where to start Terry knew he would need specialist help which is when he spoke with Contrast to see how they could help because he knew they were the marketing experts.

From speaking together we could see there was a massive opportunity here for Muck-Truck to be able to leverage if executed correctly.

Looking over what resources and assets they had available we made the strategic decision to migrate all of the old websites into one mothership website.

We suggested this for multiple reasons:

  • To save on time trying to maintain multiple websites all at once.
  • To consolidate marketing budgets to funnel into one effective website.
  • Having the multiple website sites meant they had cannibalisation issues where they were competing against themselves for keywords.
  • Individually the old sites had a small amount of domain authority but when you combined them together, the authority relative to the sector put them on par to their competitors.

Finalising the digital strategy meant our recommendations and implementation tasks focused around getting the new website live to replace the old one whilst not losing any traffic.

  • Below are some of the tasks that were implemented in order to achieve Muck-Truck’s goals:
  • Mapping out the new site structure against topical keyword research and search intent.
  • Rewriting all of the website content around the new keyword research we’d done to make sure that they were optimised for the right intent and keyword targeting.
  • Implement hreflang to target multiple countries (UK, USA, & France) from the get go to ensure content wasn’t duplicated.
  • Redirecting all of Muck-Truck’s websites and individual pages to the new multilingual mothership site and to the relevant new pages as per the new site structure strategy.
  • Running a Digital PR campaign around their battery powered products so that we would build multiple new links to their product pages.

Muck-Truck entrusted us to deliver this transformation strategy for their business.

Terry Rowlands

Terry Rowlands Managing Director

We chose to work with Contrast as from the outset we felt confident in their specialist knowledge in digital marketing. The team ensures that each point and strategy is explained in a simple way so myself and the team can understand their thoughts behind each process.

The Result

A 50% increase in inbound leads in less than 6 months.

An effective digital strategy enabled Muck-Truck to achieve the best possible results in such a short space of time. We started to see results immediately after the new website launched and played a massive role in strategising and creating content alongside a development agency.

From a ranking perspective, we saw incredible improvements for our target primary keywords. They aren't massively high volume search terms but they are MoFu (Middle of the funnel) which helps to drive product level awareness and lead to conversions.

We saw terms like “power barrow” with a UK monthly search volume of 880 move from position 81 to position 4. Secondly, the biggest driver was the term “electric wheelbarrow” with a UK monthly search volume of 720 moving from outside the top 100 to position 5.

On top of this, we saw improvements from an international perspective for other terms that we were targeting in both America and France such as ‘electric wheelbarrow’ and ‘motorized wheelbarrow’. Both terms were ranking outside of the top 100, each having a US monthly search volume of 1,400, these are now both on page 2 in positions 14 & 16.

We also saw other achievements such as:

  • The number of ranked keywords prior to the campaign was 438 ranked keywords, whereas 6 months later, the number grew to 808 ranked keywords. An increase of 85% in terms of volume of keywords ranked (Ahrefs data).
  • Organic traffic increased by 125% within the same period, obviously, better ranking will result in more traffic (Ahrefs data).
  • 205% increase in clicks and 90% increase in impressions (Google Search Console data).
  • 288% growth in keyword visibility (Systrix data).
  • These ranking improvements can be attributed to the overall SEO strategy of consolidating all the websites into one multilingual version with well optimised on page content targeting more commercially relevant terms.

Ranking improvements can be attributed to more additional, well-targeted and optimised content on the website, targeting keywords that are commercially viable.

All of this growth played into their bigger picture of being able to expand the business into other countries such as France. With other goals of looking to break into further countries in the future.

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