Case study: 47% increase in brand searches from 400k YouTube video views

Muck-Truck is the market leader for electric and petrol powered wheelbarrows. Designed and developed in the UK, Muck-Trucks are built for seamlessly moving heavy materials and are recognised globally in the construction and landscaping sector. With over 5 powered wheelbarrows and micro-dumpers to choose from, each Muck-Truck has its own specialist qualities and features.

The Challenge

Increase brand awareness and generate product demand within a new audience.

One of Muck-Truck’s main business goals was to generate desire and demand for their products. They wanted to achieve this goal by increasing their brand awareness and demonstrating the features and capabilities of their products.

They wanted to reach out to their target audience and a potential new audience by showing the use of their products outside of their standard use within construction and agriculture. However, due to the plain nature of the industry, getting coverage of their products outside of trade publications was proving difficult.

The Solution

Reach a new potential audience with an influencer marketing campaign.

To solve this issue and generate the demand that Muck-Truck wanted, we undertook an influencer marketing campaign within the demand generation aspect of our growth framework. For the influencer marketing campaign, we worked with the well-respected RedBull athlete, Matt Jones, who has an engaged audience of over 700k Youtube subscribers. Connecting the Muck-Truck products to a well-respected influencer with a good reach within an adjacent industry would create desire within a new potential audience who may not have heard of or considered Muck-Truck products in the past. This would also inspire the audience and demonstrate that the Muck-Truck products can be used for purposes outside of their usual industry.

The influencer marketing campaign involved the creation of two videos for Matt’s Youtube channel which featured the Muck-Truck products. This demonstrated the features and benefits of the products in an unforced review style. We wanted to demonstrate that one of the main benefits of the products is that they require less physical work due to their electric or petrol motors. Matt was able to demonstrate this benefit by easily using the products in the videos even though he was recovering from a sports injury and surgery.

Terry Rowlands

Terry Rowlands Managing Director

We chose to work with Contrast as from the outset we felt confident in their specialist knowledge in digital marketing. The team ensures that each point and strategy is explained in a simple way so myself and the team can understand their thoughts behind each process.

The Result

Over 400k views and a 47% increase in brand searches within one week.

Working with an influencer meant we were able to reach a large new audience for Muck-Truck. Within a week of the two influencer videos that featured the Muck-Truck products going live on Matt’s Youtube channel, the videos had received over 400k views.

Demonstrating the features and capabilities of the Muck-Truck products within this campaign also created an increase in brand awareness. This can be seen by the 47% increase in brand searches for the week the videos went live compared to the previous week.

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