Case study: Increased organic traffic by 33% in only 3 months through technical SEO changes.

Nobly offers tablet-based, easy to use point of sale systems (epos systems) and management software for small and independent businesses targeting the hospitality industry. Nobly are on a mission to empower business owners with smart, reliable, and user-friendly technology, which enables them to have automated processes, faster checkout, and better insights.

The Challenge

Helping an ambitious young business to take on the industry leaders

Nobly needed an SEO strategy that would help them achieve their goal of becoming the UK’s leading epos system for small and independent businesses targeting the hospitality industry.

They also had larger ambitions of increasing their market share in the USA and Australia. The strategy they would need to implement is to focus on customer acquisition as well as sustaining the long term organic growth.

Despite having good content, there was a lot of work that needed to be addressed on Nobly’s website from a technical SEO perspective in order to leverage and maximise all organic search opportunities.

To add to this, the epos landscape is very competitive making it very hard for a young company to try and increase market share against the leading industry businesses who are already very established with a loyal customer base.

Hector, the Growth Leader at Nobly, was looking for an external partner to help them achieve the ambitious goals they had set. They needed an external partner as currently, in-house they didn't have the specialist knowledge nor the time to execute a strategy to achieve these goals.

On top of this to work with the Nobly’s team, it would require working with multiple stakeholders to help educate and guide them through strategy and implementation.

The Solution

A complimentary SEO and Content strategy to align with Nobly’s business goals

To achieve these ambitious goals and overcome the challenges Nobly faced they needed a specialist search partner to help advise and implement a complementary SEO strategy for them.

This is when Hector talked with Contrast to see how they could help.

Before we got down to business and looked at all of their data we wanted to understand their organisation, budget, goals, and expectations.

Off the back of this, Contrast were able to suggest a bespoke strategy for Nobly.

Our solutions for Nobly’s digital marketing took an holistic approach starting with thorough auditing across all aspects of their current SEO and content marketing efforts.

Through these important first months of auditing, we are able to uncover real opportunities, especially quick wins, as well as researching the industry and their competitors.

Subsequent recommendations and implementation tasks focused on improving the quality & targeting of content for key commercial pages.

Below are some of the tasks that were implemented in order to achieve Nobly’s goals:

  • Complete homepage organic search optimisation with additional content to reinforce and improve ranking positions for the targeted keywords.
  • On page optimisation for all key internal service and feature pages that included content production, relevant keyword mapping and implementation.
  • Blog restructuring for better information, architecture on new categorisation and article cross-linking. Also enabled better keyword targeting aligning with the overall digital marketing strategy.
  • Strategy for international targeting for a multilingual website to enable localisation and expansion of their newly targeted markets (USA and Australia) whilst continuing UK growth.
  • Content Strategy development to help grow authority and traffic in their niche. This incorporated editorial briefs and a content calendar around complementary topics with varying user intent for medium-term growth.

Nobly trusted us to deliver the business some quick results while still thinking about their long term growth into other markets.

Hector Hughes

Hector Hughes Growth Lead

Contrast has been instrumental in improving our SEO in a short period of time. We decided to work with the Contrast team for their specialist search knowledge. In just 3 months they were able to increase our organic search traffic by 33% by just making technical SEO changes. If you need an SEO agency you can trust I highly recommend Contrast

The Result

A 33% increase in organic traffic in only 3 months through technical SEO changes.

Our campaign with Nobly resulted in an exponential and continuous growth across all KPIs.

The work done started to take effect as soon as a few months after the implementation of what we recommended.

From a ranking perspective, we saw strong movement on the major keywords or search terms with high search volume and the highest intent to convert.

We saw some of their highest converting terms like “epos” with a monthly search volume of 13,000 move from position 80 to position 15. Secondly, the biggest driver was the term “epos system” with a monthly search volume of 5,200 moving from position 19 to 5.

On top of this, we saw improvements across the board for their service and feature pages ranking such as “iPad epos” moving from position 22 to 11.

We also saw improvements like:

  • The number of ranked keywords prior to the campaign was 497, whereas 4 months later, the number grew to 2,261. An increase of 355% in terms of volume of keywords ranked (SEMRush data).
  • Organic traffic increased by 35% within the same period, obviously, good ranking will result in more traffic (Google Analytics data).
  • 14% increase in clicks and 32% increase in impressions (Google Search Console data).
  • 25% increase in overall organic users, 25% increase in organic new users and 15% increase in organic sessions (Google Analytics data).
  • 80% growth in keyword visibility (SEMRush data).

Ranking improvements can be attributed to more additional, well-targeted and optimised content on the website, targeting keywords that are commercially viable.

All of this growth played into the bigger picture of their plan to raise a second round of funding. Obviously being able to show potential investors that they have a sustainable marketing channel for future growth will be more appealing to them.