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Creative that creates profit instead of wasting your ad spend.

Tired of wasting your budget on social ads that keep underperforming? Or making do with homemade visuals because you haven’t got the resources to create something professional? Maybe you know what your message is, you just don’t know how to translate it visually. Or you just don’t know what types of ads work best for your business.

The crux of the problem? Your ads aren’t driving enough click-throughs and it’s hurting your bottom line. Cue Contrast, your creative weapon.

Our focus is making sure your ad spend is being used effectively. Which means spending money on ads that provide value and resonate with your customers, whilst regularly reworking them to avoid ad saturation. And this can only be achieved through testing: trialling a range of ad styles and messages across different channels based on competitor analysis and target advertising. Something we do with our own 7-figure sister companies, testing our strategies on our own brands and scaling what works.

We’re one of few agencies who have the in-house resources to create ads that look good and perform even better. We’re talking professional equipment (video and photography), copy that converts and the skills to put it all together to create something on brand, click-worthy and profitable (without the high production costs). Giving you more money to pump into what works and drop what doesn’t.

Specialising in ad creative, we’ve helped a range of businesses achieve things like:

→ A 104% increase in organic traffic in just 3 months through technical SEO changes for eCommerce company, Flagmakers.

→ A 50% lift in inbound inquiries in less than 6 months for construction company, Muck-Truck.

→ Generated multi-millions in organic revenue for garden furniture company, Internet Gardener.

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Our Ad Creative Services

From engaging lifestyle shoots and stylised product photography, to copywriting that pushes your customers further down the funnel, we can take your message and turn it into strong visual content that actually converts.

  • Competitor Analysis

    If something’s working for your competitors, chances are they’ll work for you. We look at what they’re doing well (and not so well) and research what appeals to your audience. This gives us some inspiration for your content and can highlight any tricks they’re missing that we can capitalise on. We then use these insights to create a content strategy that spends your budget wisely.

  • Video Production

    There’s nothing budget about our videos. Our in-house video equipment allows us to produce high quality footage for your social ads. Whether it be through creative product shots, testimonials or lifestyle shoots, we combine our years of videography experience with professional cameras and lighting to create footage that’ll stand out on any feed.

  • Photography

    We don’t just point and shoot. We expertly arrange and professionally shoot a series of high-res photos for your ads. Whether you want clean images of your products, lifestyle photos or stylised product photography, we can help promote your brand in a style that’s totally you.

  • Copywriting

    Need help nailing the text to go with the visual? Our copywriters can capture your message in short and snappy copy with a clear call to action - giving your ad even more tone and personality. Just another way to support your images or give a little more information to your customers.

Our approach

Our creative doesn’t just look good, it has a purpose. But to know what that purpose is, we first need to understand your business: that means getting to know your competitors, your audience, your top level business goals, your current or previous ads, your resources and your budget. Because there’s no point in creating something that looks pretty but doesn’t get you closer to your overall business goals.

We’ll then record a range of content (video, photography or motion graphics) and produce a number of different ads for split testing. The more variety, the more we can see what works and what doesn’t. Each round of ads then influences the next, using data to drive footage that gives you the best return on your ad spend. Prefer to talk it through? Let’s chat.

  • Strategy

    Without a strategy, your ads are aimless. We’ll conduct some thorough customer research to find out who to target, what their interests are, where they hang out (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.) and the type of content they engage with most. Then we’ll look at your competitors and what ads they’re putting out, with the aim to expose any gaps in the market that we can fill. Finally we’ll create a brief detailing what content needs to be produced, plan the shoots and decide where the ads should be published.

  • Production

    This is when your ads start to take shape. Using your products, we’ll record a series of video footage and photograph them so they can be repurposed into a variety of ads. Depending on the strategy, these could be product shots, lifestyle, testimonials, motion graphics or a combination. The more varied content we can create (eg. ads with prices/without prices, abstract images/lifestyle images, claim an offer CTA/install an app CTA), the more testing we can do - which gets us closer to finding out what type of ad performs best.

  • Review

    After the first round of ads has been published and given time to gain traction (usually around 6 weeks), we’ll look at their performance. We'll drop the underperforming ads and determine why they weren’t as effective, as well as take inspiration from the high performing ads to produce similar content that’ll drive more engagement. But we never reuse the same ad. Customers switch off after they’ve seen the same ad too many times (known as ad saturation, usually shown by a drop in click-through rates and an increase in frequency rates), so we always rework each ad to keep it fresh, yet still aligned with what your customers respond to.

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Stop paying for people to scroll past your ads.

“The coverage I have received has been amazing, with the likes of BBC News, Daily Express, Metro and Daily Mirror and that's just a handful!

- Sally Fairbrass, Founder, Seed Me Grow

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