Analytics Consultancy Service

Empower your business to make data led decisions producing actionable insights that in turn lead to an increase in revenue.

Reviewing your analytics will help unlock the secrets in your digital data assets, giving you insights you need to make key business decisions based on facts. One of the key advantages of operating an online business is the ability to have tangible data and insight that you can work with as part of your process and strategy to run and grow your business. If you have an online business and your analytics aren’t on point, you are missing out. This isn’t just about having the tools connected to your site, it’s about knowing how to correctly use analytics tools and making sure that your tracking codes are well implemented and having processes in place with the knowledge to interpret and communicate meaningful patterns of data within your entire company.

Having vast amounts of data at your fingertips can easily lead to data paralysis so knowing where to start can be a challenge. You start to ask questions like can I trust this data and what's missing? Do I have the full picture? We’ll help you close this gap, knowing your business goals and KPIs we’ll help highlight the data you need to focus on to help make commercial business decisions.

At Contrast, analytics are at the core of everything we do, much of what we do wouldn’t be achieved without the extensive data available. On a daily basis, we spend a lot of time measuring and analysing our clients’ marketing performance and finding ways to maximise the effectiveness of campaigns or strategies using data and insights from analytics. Throughout the process, we will use analytics to quantify the effects of any changes we make to the strategy or a specific marketing campaign, this is invaluable to our process of improving and optimising digital campaigns.

Having worked with Google Analytics day in day out this is our bread and butter. In saying that we versed in a range of other analytical tools such as Adobe Analytics, Mixpanel, Piwik to Tableau. The analytics team at Contrast have years of experience between them and are ready to help your business identify new opportunities through data analysis. Make sure to read through our case studies to see some of our past performances. Based out of Nottingham, we don’t let our location stop us from working with clients all around the world. If you want to make your business more data driven get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you get up to speed.

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Our Analytics Services

Whether it is to help set up your analytics, integration of analytics into your business process or perhaps you need a custom dashboard for reporting. We have what it takes to help any business no matter the size or complexity related to web analytics. If you’re looking to outsource your analytics work to an industry professional, Contrast can help. With a dedicated in-house data science and analytics team, coupled with years of experience using a range of analytics tools, we have also helped a multitude of clients to streamline business processes and performance using analytics and data insights. From goals, devices and campaign tracking, eCommerce tracking, report structuring, dashboards and path analysis we are the agency for you. Below are some of the sub-services of analytics that we offer.

  • Google Analytics

    There are many different analytic platforms you can use to monitor this data, but Google Analytics is a must. Not only is it free, but Google has you covered with an extensive and thoroughly customisable suite of analytic tools.

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM)

    As the name suggests, Google Tag Manager is a tag management solution that delivers simple, reliable and easily integrated tags to your website allowing the management of all your tags without editing or adding any code. From snippets of code to tracking pixels on your website or mobile app, all can be implemented and managed through GTM.

  • Data Atudio Reporting

    We will integrate your online shop with Google Analytics, making sure all data especially conversion tracking for eCommerce is properly and accurately implemented. Giving you an insight into the conversion funnel visualisation, an insight into the shopping behaviours and any other crucial eCommerce data.

  • Google Analytics Training

    We also run Google Analytics training sessions, to help you get more out of the platform. You’ll then be better able to interpret, measure and manipulate the data. Training is available on-site, remote or we can accommodate you at our lovely Nottingham office.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

    As part of our analytics consultation services, we also offer conversion rate optimisation service using analytics data and insights to help enhance your website and content performance in order to boost overall conversions to the website, even the slightest of changes can have a big impact on your bottom line.

  • Enhanced eCommerce and Advanced Web Tracking

    We will integrate your online shop with Google Analytics, making sure all data especially conversion tracking for eCommerce is properly and accurately implemented. Giving you an insight into the conversion funnel visualisation, an insight into the shopping behaviours and any other crucial eCommerce data.

Our Approach

Analytics will provide a comprehensive view of the marketing strategy as a whole, allowing us to monitor and understand exactly what is working and what isn’t, thus helping us to continuously improve and refine the marketing strategy. Furthermore, gives us the needed vision to see progress and if our efforts are paying off.

Our analytics specialist will help your company or organisation with the implementation of Google Analytics or any other analytics tool. From setup, reporting and interpretation of reports as well as ongoing support. Working closely with you, to deliver actionable insights into the activity and performance of your site, supporting digital channels such as SEO, PPC and any other digital campaigns, including website usability and landing page optimisation.

  • Data Collection

    Whenever we take on a new project, the first thing we would do is to request access to our client’s analytics software. We start by checking and auditing your accounts to make sure they are optimally set up. On the off chance you don't have any analytics tracking in place, we will help to implement the best solution based on your individual needs and business goals. To achieve this we will work closely with you throughout the process of implementation and setting up to make sure all the metrics are being tracked and tagged correctly.

  • Data Analysis

    The next step of our approach is to analyse the data, this entails reviewing all the various data sources. This is when we’ll look at the data to identify its strengths and weaknesses. We would review the client’s reporting process and see what type of data or metrics get reported, how often the report gets shared and with whom it gets shared with. We will work with you to help you understand the new process allowing you to create a much more robust and effective data analysis process.

  • Reporting

    The final piece of the puzzle is for you to be easily able to actively monitor your main KPIs. To achieve this we have a client dashboard for you to view and if this doesn't meet your exact needs we can create custom analytics dashboards. All of which provides better business intelligence, alignment for forecasting projections with business overall objectives integrated as the process.

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Got all the data but unsure how to use it to its full potential?

“I would highly recommend the Contrast team, they are a pleasure to work with.”

- Annabelle Padwick, Managing Director, Life at No.27

We can help drive your business through data and ensure you achieve the best possible results for your business. Discuss your web analytics by filling out the form below or giving us a call on 0115 882 8000.