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Increase your online brand awareness, achieve the top tier coverage your business deserves and unlock your true SEO potential.

You know that the next logical step to take in your digital marketing strategy is to increase your company's brand awareness, gain more coverage and links to increase your website's authority. As a smart marketer you know the power digital PR can have on a business and when it comes to link building you agree with the statement quality over quantity. Adding Digital PR as a component to your overall marketing strategy is a great play for multiple reasons; from increasing your brand awareness, driving referral traffic converting to extra sales, all the way to leveling up your website's visibility massively improving your SEO, all of which comes together to increase your site's traffic, sales, revenue and market share.

You might have already tried to run a few campaigns yourself and ran into a few roadblocks along the way. Hitting the headlines isn't as easily as you may have originally thought or it could be something as simple as you are juggling too much work already and want someone to take this off your plate. This is easier said than done which is why you are looking for a partner to help you make this a reality and help you hit your growth goals.

The highly creative Digital PR team here at Contrast are here to help you hit the ground running and start getting that coverage rolling in. We have worked with an array of business sectors and industries from the likes of Nobly in the SaaS market, Muck-Truck in the construction industry to eCommerce company Internet Gardener; landing coverage and links from top tier publications such as BBC News, The Sunday Times, Metro and many more. From our case studies you can see how we have helped our clients grow online and deliver the best possible results for their marketing goals. The PR team knows what clicks within the media and uses their in-house and agency expertise to generate campaigns that will land links. Our agency sits within the Creative Quarter in Nottingham and no business is too small or large for our agency. Get in touch today if you are ready to take the step in growing your business online.

Digital Marketers working on a project

Digital PR Services

At Contrast we work very closely with you and your team to help create a bespoke Digital PR strategy that is tailored to your business’s goals whilst integrating with your overall digital marketing strategy. Even if you are just looking for a one off project rather than ongoing commitment we are able to help.

  • Creative Campaigns

    Running a creative campaign is a great way to reach a larger audience and in the process build more high quality links. We make sure through our ideation process that we tie your business and marketing objectives back into the campaign through something that will attract the media's attention. We use data driven statistics and create a story with a hook to ensure the campaign generates media headlines.

  • Newsjacking

    A quick and fast approach we use in gaining exposure and coverage is by staying up to date with targeted industry news and working with you to add expert knowledge to current news. Being reactive and agile is key in newsjacking so we are always alert in the news cycle.

  • National PR

    There’s no reason why we can’t aim high if we have a great story and with our industry contacts we know the right person to reach out to. Our relationships with national journalists and editors is key to ensure your business is able to gain quality coverage, all of which will help you to increase your business’s brand awareness.

  • Local PR

    It is often overlooked but running Local PR campaigns can also be a great way to build up brand awareness and localised links for a target location. This is perfect if you have a physical presence or just want to utilise this as another angle to increase your digital pr campaign reach.

  • Trade PR

    It is important for businesses to communicate with their specialist trade media relevant to their industry. Building brand awareness and links within the trade community ensures that your business is seen as the authority in your sector.

  • Media Relations

    We ensure that our team builds strong relationships with a variety of journalists, bloggers and online influencers to keep them up to date on all of our clients’ news, updates and key messages. Don’t worry about getting bombarded with media enquiries as it is our job to handle this smoothly and quickly. This is done by either crafting press releases, organising reviews with the media, interviews or any relative profiling.

Our approach

We ensure we take a personalised approach to our digital PR campaigns and really believe in building relations with the media in all types of industries. We take pride in our media database and keep it up to date frequently so we never miss out on any future opportunities. It is crucial that we engage with the media and speak to them prior to working on campaigns to ensure we get the best possible coverage. Exclusivity is key in our campaigns, we set up national exclusives in order for your story to gain traction.

At Contrast we ensure that the teams are working collaboratively on each project; we take pride that our SEO and PR specialists work together to ensure we achieve the best possible results for your business. We like to run campaigns that drive real traffic through link acquisition and gain conversions which means you will see a real return on investment from our digital PR strategies. Our strategy isn’t always based on the number of links, we try to ensure our work also insists in improving keyword rankings to help your business grow.

  • Ideation

    Coming up with content ideas for your business can be tricky but don’t worry as we have a team that knows what makes a great story. Having already established your goals we’ll then conduct competitor analysis to identify topics that your competitors have gained coverage with and also areas they haven't, we’ll then be able to use this data to bolster your own Digital PR strategy. The team will then work together to brainstorm campaign ideas that fit the bill and ensure it aligns with your goals and objectives.

  • Content Creation

    The team will then go through and share an ideation document with you and your team. This way we can get it signed off and approve one of the several ideas we have suggested that we feel is suitable for your business. Off the back of this we will start creating the campaign whether that be graphics, getting key statistics from relevant data sources or crafting a topical article. This will then be given to you for final checks and see if any amendments need to be made before we move onto the next steps.

  • Outreach

    To maximise results we leverage our relationships and our media database to compile a great media list for distribution to land coverage in all types of publications including major tabloids. From this we’ll then send your campaign information out to all the relevant journalists and influencers to get your story in front of them. Being agile the team also makes sure that they have the ability to adapt the campaigns outreach strategy to further increase the exposures if needed.

Contrast digital PR team talking about client campaign.

Do you want to see your brand in top tier media publications?

“The coverage I have received has been amazing, with the likes of BBC News, Daily Express, Metro and Daily Mirror and that's just a handful!

- Sally Fairbrass, Founder, Seed Me Grow

Our digital PR team craft creative campaigns that will enable us to secure media coverage for your business online. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get your brand noticed by filling out our form below or contact us directly on 0115 882 8000.