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We do PR that influences your entire business, not just how many links you have.

Digital PR is just about building links… said no PR specialist ever. Are they important? Yes. But digital PR’s also about improving your SEO, getting social media mentions and, most importantly, building brand awareness and customer trust. Because sometimes one influential link can be all it takes to do more sales in a weekend than you’d do in a month, but they don’t always guarantee you sales straight away.

What people think happens: Links → sales

What actually happens: Links → brand awareness & customer trust (which takes time & patience)referral traffic → sales

You might have given it a go but you’ve struggled to come up with a good enough idea. Or you haven’t got the resources for the creative assets you need. Or you don’t know how to approach journalists. Or you simply want to scale up faster and don’t have the time to do it. Ultimately, digital PR is hard, time-consuming and you want someone to do it for you. Contrast is that someone.

We focus on creating campaigns that produce long-term commercial impact - not just viral one-offs. It’s the best way to build rankings that last and generate revenue that keeps coming in long after your content goes live. We also manage the digital PR for our sister companies, testing our strategies (like newsjacking, creative campaigns and PR stunts) on our own brands and scaling what works. And some of them generate over £1 million a year.

The end result? We give you profitable links, more brand awareness and what you really want: sustainable growth.

Here’s just some of the sites we’ve helped online businesses land coverage on: BBC News, The Sunday Times, Metro, ITV Central, Derby Telegraph and more.

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Our Digital PR Services

We don’t just create campaigns for the sake of it. We create campaigns to not only get your message out there, but get you closer to your overall business goals. So whether you want us for a one-off project or something more regular, we’ll help you achieve more than just links.

  • Creative Campaigns

    Creative campaigns are a great way to reach more people whilst building more worthwhile links. We put our heads together as a team to craft a campaign that ties in your business goals with a message that hasn’t been seen in the media before. Powered by data, we create a story with a hook that’s on brand, link-worthy and looks good.

  • Newsjacking

    Newsjacking is where you inject your thoughts or expert knowledge into a breaking news story to get your business noticed. Get in before the buzz dies down, and you can use the ready-made attention to your advantage. We’re always staying alert on the latest news, so we’re quick to flag up any opportunities in your industry.

  • National PR

    There’s no reason why we can’t aim high if we have a great story. We know what national journalists and editors want and how to speak to them, so we'll reach out to the relevant people (so you don't have to). Our personalised approach is key to making sure your business is able to gain quality coverage - all of which will help increase your business’ brand awareness.

  • Local PR

    We know getting coverage in your local press isn’t as impressive as being featured in national newspapers, but it often delivers a better return on investment. By targeting a smaller, more local community, you’re more likely to be heard. And that means more links. Perfect if you’ve got a physical storefront or you simply want to reach more people in your digital PR efforts.

  • Trade PR

    You’re an expert in what you do, so get involved in the conversations your industry is having. A niche audience with a genuine interest in your trade is your perfect readership. So we work to put your name in front of industry leaders through mentions in case studies, press releases, white papers, interviews etc. Because the more value you provide, the more trustworthy your business becomes. Which means more traffic.

  • Media Relations

    Let us take on the time-consuming job of outreaching and dealing with media enquiries. We’ve been doing this for years, so we know the kinds of journalists, bloggers and online influencers who'd be interested in your news, announcements and key messages. We’ll help secure coverage through things like press releases, interviews, reviews with the media or relative profiling.

Our approach

Digital PR is nothing without a solid strategy. First we understand your overall business goals (not just your PR goals) so we know what our focus is. Then we work collaboratively with the SEO team to find an angle that’s on brand and is going to be consistently profitable - helping to gain long-term benefits like brand awareness, better online visibility, more traffic and steady conversions.

And while we’d love to say we have a black book of contacts, the digital world’s just too fast-paced for it. Every story’s different, so we find people who are talking about your topic now and seek out top tier journalists who are hungry for shareable stories. Because a catalogue of contacts is useless when every client’s industry is so niche. Prefer to talk it through? Let’s chat.

  • Ideation

    The story always comes first. Always. But we don’t just come up with something on the spot. Having already established your goals, we work with our SEO specialist to conduct some competitor analysis: finding link opportunities and identifying topics your competitors have gained coverage with (and topics they haven’t). We then get the whole team together for some ideation sessions - and come away with a number of campaign ideas that fit your brand.

  • Content Creation

    We’ll share our list of ideas with you and highlight our favourites - each one explained with examples, data sources and research. Once you’re happy, we’ll lead with one idea and start creating the campaign: designing graphics, gathering key statistics, writing content etc. We’ll then share the final product with you to check it over and see if any amendments need to be made before we move on to the next step.

  • Outreach

    We don’t spam people. We don’t reach out blindly. And we don’t hope for results. We’re persistent, not pushy, and only send your campaign to journalists and influencers who are genuinely going to be interested in it. But if it’s not getting enough attention? We ask if they need anything extra, revisit our media list to seek out other relevant journalists, and always have at least 3 angles for your campaign, so your budget’s never going to waste.

Contrast digital PR team talking about client campaign.

Want your digital PR to achieve more than just links?

“The coverage I have received has been amazing, with the likes of BBC News, Daily Express, Metro and Daily Mirror and that's just a handful!

- Sally Fairbrass, Founder, Seed Me Grow

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