Digital Strategy

No digital strategy? No growth. Cut out the guesswork and get ahead of your competitors with a bulletproof strategy.

Want to grow your sales? You need a digital strategy. No matter what your business specialises in, you need direction. And a strategy is your roadmap to your business goals. Maybe your digital marketing currently feels like guesswork. Or you don’t know why your competitors are outperforming you. Or you’re tired of wasting budget on things that aren’t giving you a good enough ROI.

Ultimately you’ve got goals, but you don’t know how to hit them. So you need someone to help get you from A to B and generate a better return from your marketing efforts. Contrast can do that.

We manage the digital strategies for our sister companies, testing our tactics on our own brands and scaling what works (some of them actually generate over £1 million a year). And if we’ve learnt anything over the years, it’s that often what you’re asking for help with isn’t always the best commercial strategy.

That’s why we’re led by data to create a digital strategy that gives you real financial results and integrates into your wider business goals (not just your marketing goals). Because without it, you’re probably wasting money on channels that don’t perform well or losing out to your competitors. But with it, you’ll be able to use the right tactics at the right time to the right audience and reap the biggest reward: profit.

Specialising in digital strategies, we’ve helped a range of businesses achieve things like:

→ Increased organic traffic by 33% in only 3 months through technical SEO changes for EPOS brand, Nobly.

→ A 50% lift in inbound inquiries in less than 6 months for construction company, Muck-Truck.

→ Generated multi-millions in organic revenue for garden furniture company, Internet Gardener.

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Our Digital Strategy Services

Want to know the next steps your business needs to take to hit your goals? From insightful competitor analysis to practical recommendations, we can build a tailored strategy that cuts out wasted spend and helps your business grow.

  • Digital Marketing Audit

    We don’t do audits for the sake of it. We do them to delve deep into your digital performance and pull out your analytics data (whether that be Google Analytics or something different). That way we can get a clear understanding of what channels need a little extra TLC and highlight any gaps in your current digital marketing efforts. Which means figuring out the best areas your budget needs to be spent.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Use your competitors as a source of inspiration. Looking at what they’re doing is an important part of seeing where your business is on the spectrum, as well as to find out what’s driving traffic to their pages. The key is to not copy your competitors, but build on what they’re doing and offer your customers something better. We’ll find your direct competitors and look at others from a search perspective to pinpoint potential growth opportunities.

  • Strategic Recommendations

    Using our findings from the audit and competitor data, we’ll create a list of prioritised recommendations in Google Sheets based on what’ll have the biggest impact in the shortest time. It’ll break everything down, including what the recommendation is, the reason behind it, the end goal, the resources needed and timeframes etc. Plus specific recommendations will be added into a monthly timeline, including KPIs that’ll be agreed with you, so everyone knows what we’re aiming for.

  • Audience Development

    We might find that your business is already performing well in some areas, but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve it. Our knowledgeable team will look into finding other opportunities to progress your business even further and reach new customers that you might not have already gone after. It’ll also help us to build out buyer personas that your business needs to target.

Our Approach

Successful campaigns start with us getting to know you, your business’ online presence and what you’re trying to achieve. Skip this stage and your marketing efforts won’t align with your business goals. Because by using data to make decisions and build your strategy, you’re going to get a better return on your investment.

We’ll look at your performance (and your competitors) with a magnifying glass, then combine our findings to create a solid digital strategy that can be implemented instantly. No guesswork, just data. And should any challenges come our way, we simply adapt. Prefer to talk it through? Let’s chat.

  • Auditing & Analysis

    We’ll delve into your business’ current marketing strategy and evaluate its performance to see where there’s room for improvement. Data is the key for us to see what’s working and what isn’t so we can build a stronger strategy to coincide with your business goals. We’ll then benchmark what we need to do to outperform your competition and create realistic targets that you can work towards. And of course we’ll always be on hand to help and make sure everything’s explained clearly.

  • Areas of Opportunity

    With our analysis and audit done, we’ll be able uncover new opportunities and recommend the best strategies and tactics to outperform your competitors. We’ll compile a document with our findings that’ll be backed up with data to support our plan of action. And our set of recommendations will be practical and realistic, taking into account the resources available. It’ll include a prioritisation of tasks, quick-wins and short, medium and long-term goals for your business to follow, as well as KPIs to track your progress effectively.

  • Evaluation

    Because we’ve set clear targets from the beginning, we can easily evaluate the performance of your digital strategy. We’ll look at what’s worked, what’s not and fine-tune your strategy accordingly - analysing your KPIs (like traffic, conversion rate, cost per acquisition etc.) via Google Analytics. We’ll also review any changes within your business or industry and outline our findings in an easy-to-digest report (or in a format that works for you). This way we’ll know where to pump your budget into and avoid wasted spend on underperforming tactics.

Digital Marketers working together on a project

Stop losing out to your competitors and set yourself up for long-term success.

“Our confidence in growing commercially has been bolstered dramatically by all of the strategies Contrast has put in place.”

- Martin Neill, CEO, AirPOS

It all starts with a conversation. Talk to us on 0115 882 8000 or fill in the form below and we’ll help get your business where it needs to be.