eCommerce Consultancy

We can help you identify and plan how to solve your business problems and grow your eCommerce success.

You know something needs to be done for your eCommerce business to grow and to achieve the success you’re looking for. But you just don’t know what needs to be done or where to start. You need guidance from a specialist to help you identify optimisation opportunities and implement solutions.

This is where we come in. Here at Contrast, we are eCommerce specialists with a vast range of in-depth knowledge and many years of eCommerce experience. Our experience and knowledge not only comes from our success with driving growth for our clients, but also from the success of managing our own eCommerce businesses (which bring in 7 figures annually).

We know what it takes to make your eCommerce business a success. We’ve created our growth framework which outlines the key aspects of successful growth. We use this to diagnose the problem you're facing and create a plan of strategies to solve your problem. Need help implementing these strategies? We can do that too.

Our eCommerce Consultancy Services

Whether you’re wanting to grow your business into new markets, use a different platform, or meet your other business goals, we can help you identify and plan the actions you need to do to be successful.

  • Auditing

    To understand you and your business better, we audit your eCommerce store to identify areas of opportunity and improvement. This includes looking at the speed, performance, and effectiveness of your eCommerce site. These insights can then become actionable tasks in your business roadmap.

  • Workshops

    We can run workshops with you and your team that are focused on solving an eCommerce challenge you’re struggling with or scoping areas within a project (like subscriptions, loyalty programmes, and internationalisation). Solutions can then be used to create detailed actions in your roadmap.

  • Roadmapping & Strategy Support

    Using insights from auditing your business and running discovery workshops, we can help you create a strategy and a short, medium and long-term roadmap. This will be a structured plan with detailed actionable tasks which could include technical SEO, retention services, internationalisation and much more.

  • Internationalisation

    Scaling into new international markets can be challenging. There are many aspects to consider including localisations, payments, and fulfilment. We can help you identify international opportunities for your eCommerce business, as well as advising you on setting up your international store and solving these challenges.

  • Replatforming selection & management

    We can provide consultancy and replatforming services for selecting, migrating, and managing your eCommerce site on a new platform. From requirements gathering to project management and full delivery, we can support your replatforming process to any major eCommerce platform. As official partners of BigCommerce and Shopify, we have the in-depth knowledge to deliver the specialist service you need.

  • Research projects

    We can help you undertake research projects to look into the areas of your business that you’re interested in expanding. This could be researching opportunities for breaking into new markets, looking into testing new channels, and exploring system set up.

Our Approach

Our approach to eCommerce consultancy is flexible and is made up of different services depending on your business goals. Our focus is always to take the approach that works best for each individual business within the structure of insight, research and solution.

We’ll start by gaining insights into what you’re currently doing and any issues your business is facing. We’ll then identify the best detailed tasks you can do to move your business forward. Finally, we’ll help you organise these tasks into an actionable plan that you can follow with confidence.

  • Insight

    The first step to consultancy is understanding your business and the issues you are currently facing. To get a better understanding, we’ll start by doing a needs analysis through auditing and requirement gathering. We will then use this information to diagnose the problem you’re facing.

  • Research

    Once we know what the issues are, we can then provide strategy support to identify the best solutions to solve your problems and grow your business. Our research aspect of our approach will include services like workshops and research projects.

  • Solution

    The final part of our approach to consultancy is creating a detailed roadmap with detailed actions to achieve your business goals. Whether it be for your internationalisation project, replatforming project, or another business growth project. Following on from consultancy, we can also help you implement your roadmap actions.

Get the specialist help you need to grow your business and achieve your goals with our eCommerce consultancy.

“We chose to work with Contrast as from the outset we felt confident in their specialist knowledge”

- Terry Rowlands, Managing Director, Muck Truck

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