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We build, optimise, and execute email marketing campaigns that make you stand out from the crowd.

When done right, email marketing helps to build a relationship with your customers, encouraging customer retention. But eCommerce email marketing also has a role to play in the customer acquisition aspect of our growth framework. With email flows, like abandoned cart and back in stock, email marketing plays a key part in growing website traffic, promoting your products, and driving those all-important conversions.

Here at Contrast, we have the specialist skills and experience to take your email marketing to the next level. Our email marketing strategy speaks to your customers throughout every stage of the sales funnel, keeping them engaged and interested in your brand and products. From the best email timings to how best to present your brand, we have the key to business growth and success. We’re also official Klaviyo partners meaning we have the specialist know-how to launch your automated email marketing campaigns in a quick and efficient manner, so you can start reaping the results as soon as possible.

Specialising in email marketing, we’ve helped a range of businesses achieve things like:

  • Increased email revenue by 74% over a 6 month period for electric vehicle charging cables brand, EV Cables.

  • Increased email revenue by 37% in just 3 months for luxury furniture brand, Eat Sleep Live.

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Our Services

Building a successful email marketing campaign isn’t as easy as just writing to your customers every so often. It’s a complex system with lots of different parts that ultimately come together to achieve what both you and your customers both want - sales. Check out the services we offer to build up this system of success.

  • Creative

    Our creative team are specialists in producing designs and graphics that not only grabs the attention of the reader, but keeps them engaged throughout the email (and keeps them coming back for more). From attractive and easy-to-follow layouts to eye-catching images, videos, and colours, we focus on captivating your customers' attention while staying within your business’ signature style and branding.

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  • Copywriting

    From subject lines and preview text to CTAs and the main body of your emails, your copy needs to be precise and persuasive. Getting your message across in short, compelling, and effective copy is one of the many skills that our copywriting team excels at. We can help you to develop your brand’s tone of voice and use email marketing methods like personalisation to entice your customers to open, read, and engage with your emails, ultimately moving them towards conversion.

  • Content Strategy

    You can have the best creative design and engaging copy, but if you aren’t offering the reader anything worthwhile, they’re not going to bother opening your emails. To create a content strategy that gives your customers the content they want, you first need to understand what your customers need and how they behave. Using customer and competitor research, a/b testing, and analytics data, we can help you develop an email content strategy that truly engages your audience throughout the sales funnel and beyond. From informative, valuable content to discounts and incentives, building a content strategy with Contrast can boost your revenue beyond what you thought was possible.

  • Automation

    Setting up and optimising automated email flows helps to smoothly move your customers through the sales funnel. Making life easier for you and creating a better customer experience, automated emails are a quick and efficient way to keep your customers engaged. Triggered by your customers' behaviour, automated emails are timed to reach their inbox when they are most receptive and ready to engage with your brand. Not only is this a more effective way to communicate with your customers, but it also saves you time and resources. Experienced in launching and managing automated email campaigns, at Contrast we are Klaviyo partners and specialists in all aspects of email automation.

  • Segmentation

    Segmenting your subscriber list into groups based on certain characteristics, customer behaviour, and position in the sales funnel can boost the success of your email marketing campaigns. Using customer data and analytics, we can give each group of readers the perfect combination of information, content, and promotion that’ll really speak to them. It’s all about targeting specific customer groups with the right content at the right time to achieve the best open rates, engagement, and conversions.

  • Analytics

    As with any digital marketing campaign, it’s vital to track and follow the data - email marketing is no different. We will carry out an audit on your current email marketing campaign (if you have one) to identify areas that can be improved, as well as gathering useful data to help with segmentation and building your email content strategy. Once optimised, we will track your email performance data to monitor your success and identify any areas for further optimisation.

Our Approach

Nobody wants to play the guessing game when it’s your business, revenue, and success on the line. And why should you risk everything by guessing when you can use reliable data to make effective decisions that will get you the best results.

At Contrast, there’s never any guessing. We follow the data and use our specialist skills and experience to strategise and create the content that your customers are craving. Want to talk about how we can optimise your email marketing campaigns? Get in touch today.

  • Insights

    We start by gaining insights into your overall business goals and your goals for email marketing in particular. If you are already running an email marketing campaign, we will carry out an audit on this campaign which will give us a good idea of how you're currently performing. Gathering this data will help us to understand your customers, identify what is working well, and uncover gaps in your campaign that could be hindering your performance.

  • Strategy

    Using the data we’ve gathered, our next step is content ideation. We will work closely with you to form our content ideas into an email marketing strategy that’ll not only achieve your goals, but exceed them. This email marketing strategy will include a roadmap of content that’ll keep your customers engaged throughout their sales journey. We will also plan your email automations and segmentation of your subscriber list to target the right customers at the right moment to achieve the best results.

  • Creative

    Now we have a structured content plan for your email marketing campaigns, the final stage is to create the content and execute the strategy. With emails, you only have a short opportunity to capture the attention of your readers. Our creative teams are specialists in seizing this short window and drawing in your readers with compelling copy, appealing designs, and engaging graphics. From videography and photography to infographics and gifs, if it’ll provide value to your readers, we can do it.

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“The work that Contrast has done in a short space of time is nothing short of breathtaking.”
- Ryan Hamill, Sales Director, AirPOS

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