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Use your budget on a platform and strategies that will actually drive revenue - like Amazon.

Imagine a future where you have a successful Amazon store, you’re capturing the demand of high converting customers and you’re generating more and more revenue than ever before! Contrast can make this future a reality.

Customers trust Amazon due to its reputation, and by selling on Amazon, customers are more likely to trust you too. 59% of 16-36 year olds go to Amazon before they go to any other eCommerce site. You could reach this bottom of the funnel audience by optimising your Amazon ads and listings

So, you want to get the best out of your Amazon store. But where do you start? Here. As an Amazon ads partner and the managers of clients and our own Amazon stores (that generates 7 figures annually), we have the specialist knowledge, skills, and experience to produce the results your business needs and wants.

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Our Amazon Services

Whether your goal is to expand onto the Amazon platform for the first time or scale up your current Amazon marketplace revenue, we have the right combination of services to achieve these goals. We will work closely with you to build upon your current performance and achieve Amazon success.

  • PPC

    We can help you to implement and/or optimise your Amazon PPC campaigns. With several different paid campaign options, our specialist team will help you set up Amazon sponsored products, amazon sponsored brands and Amazon display ads.

  • Brand Store

    We will help you with your brand registry on Amazon. We’ll ensure your storefront is optimised to increase customer engagement and trust in your brand. Boost your brand by having all your brand information and products in one organised and optimised place.

  • Listing Creation

    We can help you create and optimise your Amazon listings to boost your SERP rankings. We will consider keywords and search field terms as well as your product titles, images and descriptions, ensuring consistency in your branding.

  • A+ Content

    Once your brand registry is complete, our specialist creative and copywriting teams can help you optimise your Amazon A+ content. We will use the images, graphics, and copy needed to take your Amazon listings to the next level, helping to increase your listings conversion rate, and ultimately your revenue.

  • Creative Production

    Our experienced creative team will produce appealing, informative and high-quality images and videography to make your business and products stand out.

  • Copywriting

    Our copywriting team uses keyword research to optimise the copy on your listings for the Amazon search algorithm, improving the customer experience and improving SEO.

Our Approach

Our structured approach starts with getting to know your business before we build upon what you’re already doing (or not doing). As part of the demand capture approach within our growth framework, we’ll create content that your customers will love and implement promotion techniques that will boost your visibility, conversion rate and revenue.

The first step to Amazon success is identifying opportunities for improvement within your current Amazon store or opening up new possibilities by setting up an Amazon store. We will then use our specialist creative team to generate the creative content that will boost your product listings. Finally we will promote your brand and products with the use of PPC and SEO methods.

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  • Insights

    Gaining insight into your business and your goals is always our starting point. We will analyse your current Amazon store (if you have one) and the way it’s performing. This will allow us to identify opportunities for improvement and decide on content that’ll have the biggest impact both short and long term.

  • Content

    Once we’ve identified areas for improvement, we move onto optimising your content through copy and graphics. To gain customers' trust and attention, and to increase conversion rates, we make your graphics and copy engaging, memorable, high-quality, informative, and optimised for conversion rate and to aid SEO.

  • Promotion

    The last piece of the puzzle is promotion through SEO and paid media. Once your Amazon store is up and running, fully optimised, and ready to go, we will use paid promotion to generate the best initial ROI. This will get your store and products in front of your customers straight away so you’re generating revenue while you’re waiting for your long-term SEO results to flow in.

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Want your Amazon store to reach its full potential?

“I would highly recommend the Contrast team, they are a pleasure to work with.”

- Annabelle Padwick, Managing Director, Life at No.27

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