PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

Whilst always focused on ROI, we will help you realise new opportunities and will work closely with you to deliver fully quantifiable PPC results.

Since you are considering leveraging PPC there is a high probability you are looking to generate enquiries and sales in a shorter period of time instead of waiting for a longer marketing initiative to kick in. Or it could be that you are just looking to open another sales channel for your company which is why you are considering paid traffic as a marketing channel. To help you achieve this, you are now looking for a partner to help navigate a new operational headache with you. Contrast is a safe pair of hands to help you meet your sales and marketing objectives through PPC, we have got your back.

Anyone can run a PPC campaign but very few can run them well. If you have ran campaigns in the past you may have noticed that they have not converted as well as you may have wanted. We are here to find solutions and create high visibility campaigns. You could just be time strapped and need someone else to complete this work instead and you know that it is being dealt with a team of specialists. Though moreover we tend to find that people work with us due to our specialist knowledge so we can squeeze more out of a campaign, helping you to find new potential growth opportunities.

Having helped multiple businesses generate more leads and sales, Contrast is in the perfect position to help you. We’ve helped businesses like iiko in the SaaS industry, Leedale in the construction sector to eCommerce company Internet Gardener; achieving results such as a 45% increase in leads within 2 months for a mid-market company targeting enterprise businesses. Being a Google Partner, you can be rest assured that our team is experienced and qualified to get the job done. Don’t take our word for it, have a read over our case studies and let our results speak for themselves. The PPC team here at Contrast come from all walks of life as well as combining the best from both in-house and agency perspectives. We are based in the Creative Quarter in Nottingham though work with businesses worldwide. Reach out to us today to find out how we can leverage your PPC campaigns to achieve its full potential.

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Our PPC Services

We provide a professional service straight from the start, we focus on building your brand in the right way, whether that be target awareness or sales and this depends entirely on your business goals. In order to carry this out properly, we make sure we spend quality time with you discovering your business, products and services in as much detail as we can and tailor our services around these needs.

  • Bing Ads

    Bing Ads is a platform which operates on Microsoft’s Bing search engine, much like Bing has an average user volume of around 133 million users and also taps into Internet Explorer. Bing offers the opportunity to import the majority of your Google Ads campaigns into its platform, so this is a useful and quick to build option alongside your Google campaigns. The management of campaigns is similar but has a different way to operate conversion tracking, so it is vital that platforms like Google Tag Manager are utilised alongside Google Analytics to make sure the tracking is sufficient. We can create search, display, remarketing and shopping campaigns in Bing.

  • Google Search Ads

    Get your adverts seen by the people searching for your product or service as soon as they go to search on Google. By creating Search Ads you are able to get seen at the top of Google’s page which is the most used search engine in the world. Creating informative Ad Copy to show up when utilising structured campaigns and keyword targeting, you can see the benefits very quickly if your website is up to scratch and engages users beyond the adverts. With so many businesses looking to achieve the number one spot on the listings, it means that the expert level of attention required to run these campaigns is an absolute must. We can get you found for all sorts of keywords, even ones you didn’t know people were searching for!

  • Display Advertising

    Place your product or service in front of audiences which are likely to fit into your desired demographic. In display and remarketing, we can utilise your image and video content to leverage opportunities to draw in new and previous visitors to your website in an attempt to get them to convert. This is typically a much cheaper CPC (Cost per click) but also means there are much higher impression volumes, this may not be perfect if you are a brand new business as it takes time to build the right remarketing audiences, but if you have a well established brand, we can use remarketing and display to increase your return on investment.

  • Google Shopping

    This is a prime opportunity to display your products in front of those who are looking to buy. In the shopping tab and on the main page results on Google, being found for the products you sell is a very useful view point. It takes time to build the right kind of Google Shopping Ads if you have got used to just running standardised API ads. We will develop hard-hitting showcase adverts to display your products and features to your audience. With our experience in the eCommerce industry, we have had the opportunities to work with all kinds of products that have been found and bought via Google shopping with great CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) and CPCs (Cost Per Clicks).

  • Paid Social

    Ranging from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter to YouTube, we have the experience to construct high performing paid social campaigns. Depending on your goals we will then suggest a tailored strategy as these could range from driving awareness, collecting email subscribers all the way to generating qualified leads or sales. We can also utilise social media to remarket to your previous visitors. The return on investment for social remarketing is typically of good weight and can keep your services popular amongst your chosen audience.

  • PPC Audit

Our Process

Contrast will optimise your PPC activity, making sure it first aligns with your overall business objectives. As a data-driven agency, we use our analytical skills and expertise to break down every aspect of the campaign in order to reveal hidden opportunities in your PPC campaign. Our PPC team of experts will use these insights, combining our technological capabilities and creativity to help drive performance and help you achieve tangible results to your bottom line.

As a PPC agency, we value transparency with our clients by maintaining close communication, regularly reporting, detailing exactly what is happening and where your budget is being spent. Proactively and continuously, we will analyse and share learnings in terms of our understanding on how, where and when your qualified leads convert, which is paramount in boosting your return on investment over time.

  • Audit

    We will dissect your current account and use this to see if there are any other opportunities we can leverage. We use this information to help us build the right strategy for you. This can encompass all search and social marketing platforms; Google Ads, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. Once your audit is complete, it will become the predetermined baseline for how KPI’s and future goals are met. We use this to make sure we have the right starting point and in doing so, we are able to explain more information about a consistent and expected return on investment.

  • Structured strategy

    We will form a strategy based on our findings from the audit, then we build either from scratch or on top of existing campaigns. We make sure we outline where your strategy can be tweaked to enhance it and design a structured plan of action for you and your team. The strategy will take into account your historic goals, answer if they were met, if not then why, and will allow us to demonstrate our expert level account management of your marketing platforms. We typically try to uncover any existing CRM in place so that we can seamlessly merge into it and help you gain the right insights.

  • Manage & Report

    We will manage your account consistently to find new opportunities and maintain your existing ones. We design easy-to-digest reports in Google Data Studio that tap into all your data sources including; Google Analytics, Google Ads, Supermetrics and first party tools where connectors are available. The reports typically allow you to filter to deep levels of insight and help you gain the knowledge of results from our management. We will also communicate with you on a regular basis so that you have the clarity of our expert knowledge and are able to ask questions to us at any time.

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Do you want a better ROI from your PPC activities?

“We chose to work with Contrast as from the outset we felt confident in their specialist knowledge”

- Terry Rowlands, Managing Director, Muck Truck

Our team of paid search specialists will review your paid advertising activating to identify potential areas for improvement. Contact us today by simply filling out the form below or speak to the team directly by calling us on 0115 882 8000.