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As a smart marketer, you already know the value of SEO which in itself is a win as not everyone does. You are prepared to invest in your company's future to make sure you succeed! You are looking for a partner to help you achieve your growth goals and guide you through the minefield that is SEO. Having already been there and got the t-shirt, Contrast is your secret weapon to help you overcome these challenges together.

We empathise with you as you may not have enough hours in the day to complete the workload you have. The high-level concept of SEO is easy to wrap your head around but once you get into the nitty-gritty of SEO you could quite quickly find yourself in deep water and out of your comfort zone. This is why Contrast is here to help you, think of us as your insurance policy to help bridge this knowledge gap. Or it could be that your business doesn't want to tackle these types of problems in-house and wants to outsource this work to an external specialist.

Having worked with a variety of business sectors and industries such as Nobly in the SaaS market, Muck-Truck in the construction industry to eCommerce company Internet Gardener; achieving results like a 50% lift in inbound inquiries in less than 6 months for a 7 figure business. The proof is in the pudding and with a proven track record you can read our case studies for more detailed information. The SEO team here at Contrast have many years of experience under their belt, combining the best talent from both in-house and agency perspectives. We are based in the heart of Nottingham but work with companies large and small around the world. Get in touch today to find out how we can help grow your business together.

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SEO Services

In order for your SEO strategy or campaign to become successful, there are various elements to consider. Whether you are looking for us to own the SEO process and run it for your business, or you are looking at a specific aspect of your existing SEO strategy and adding us as a bolt-on. We have the expertise and resources to cover your requirements.

  • eCommerce SEO

    For companies large and small selling products online leveraging eCommerce SEO is an important channel to your business’s overall success. We are very much results-oriented and technically focused on making sure your online store's visibility, rankings, organic traffic and sales revenue are fully maximised.

  • Local SEO

    For businesses that are wanting to target local prospects in a specific area, this is normally for companies with a physical storefront. We will optimise your website with local SEO in mind to help drive more traffic to your website and in turn increasing your in-store footfall.

  • International SEO

    For businesses targeting or selling to multiple countries, international SEO is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. We will work closely with your team using their local knowledge and language to the full effect whilst using tangible data to support ongoing progress.

  • Link Building

    Link Building remains an important factor in how search engines rank your site. Our link building team will make sure we earn your website links that are natural and build authority in an organic/sustainable manner which will greatly benefit your overall SEO efforts.

  • Website Migrations

    If you are looking to migrate your website make sure to consult an SEO specialist to assist you through this transition as we’ve seen too many businesses not do this and it costs them thousands. We have the know-how and in many cases, we will help your site to perform even better than before.

  • Technical SEO

    Technical SEO is a part of the underpinning foundation for a successful SEO strategy, you wouldn’t build a house with weak foundations, you shouldn't do the same for your online business. Get this wrong and you’ll be limiting your website visibility, in turn costing you potential revenue.

  • SEO Audit

    If you are looking to get a better understanding of your SEO performance, an SEO audit is the way to go. With this, you’ll get a prioritised list of tasks to fix and will also uncover further opportunities that will have a positive impact on your website's performance when implemented correctly.

  • Content

    On-site content is an essential component in your overall SEO strategy, we will help identify the correct keywords you should be targeting to maximise each individual page on your website's visibility. With this knowledge, we will make the necessary content changes then monitor its impact on ranking in search engine results pages.

Our SEO Approach

Often SEO is overcomplicated in its simplest form. SEO can be broken down into three categories; technical, content and promotion, due to this our philosophy is built around these three main principles. Get your SEO strategy correct and you can expect a return on investment and a positive marketing channel with lots of potential for further growth in the long term.

We start any new engagement by getting to understand your business in more detail to uncover any opportunities or angles you might not already think of, this will mean having a few conversations with our team. We then like to review the business goals to see how we can tie this all together and create a complementary strategy. We don’t look to short term fixes that sacrifice the long term success of your business. We approach this holistically with the focus to achieve long term sustainable growth to your business.

  • 1. Technical

    Our ultimate goal with technical SEO is to ensure the search engine can access, crawl, index and understand the infrastructure of your website. We take a holistic approach by incorporating a thorough technical SEO audit and various analytical assessments. We look at your website’s information architecture, on-page technical elements such as schema markup, we check mobile-friendliness and conduct a loading speed check of your website among other things. For larger sites, these issues might be more complex and usually, the issues are amplified such as Incorrect Rel=Canonical, duplicate content eating up your crawl budget all the way to rendering issues. This process will look at all possible technical elements on your website in order to improve crawlability and indexability of your website.

  • 2. Content

    Our initial keyword research is into getting an understanding of the landscape and total addressable market to see where you are currently sitting and cross-reference against potential new opportunities. We will then split our efforts into three areas: current pages - updating the current content to better align the intent, new pages - adding new pages to target terms you aren't currently targeting and a content strategy for new posts - targeting people at all levels of the content funnel. Though we start at the bottom of the funnel first as this is where you'll see the quist return on investment. Once we have our pages created we’ll then make sure the on-page content is correctly optimised. We’ll look at aspects like: basic meta titles and descriptions all the way through to structuring the content for features snippets.

  • 3. Promotion

    The last piece of the formula is down to the authoritativeness of your site. You need to have a similar level of credibility or more than your competitors; this is all relative to the sector and industry you are operating in and also the terms you are targeting as some are more competitive than others. We can influence this by doing link building and running digital PR campaigns to increase the number of backlinks your site has. It's important here though to think of the quality rather than quantity when it comes to building these links. Other things we consider when looking for link opportunities: relevancy, trust, Authority and traffic. If the answer is yes to all of the above, it’s a link worth having.

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“Contrast has been instrumental in improving our SEO in a short period of time.”

- Hector Hughes, Growth lead, Nobly

Our specialist SEO team can assist getting your business’s website in front of the right audience using data driven SEO campaigns. Contact us today to discuss an SEO audit for your business by filling in the form below or reaching out to us on 0115 882 8000.