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We help you stand out in search and reap the biggest reward: profit.

Spoiler: there’s more to SEO than just keywords, rankings and creating a bunch of landing pages. These three things alone won’t give you the results you want. Maybe you think SEO’s the best way forward but you lack the expertise or in-house resources to do it. Or you’ve tried to do the work yourself and failed. Or you’ve forked out a lot of money with another agency and didn’t achieve much, so you can’t afford to get it wrong again.

The bottom line? Your website’s not performing well organically and you don’t know why. Enter Contrast: your SEO compass.

We manage the SEO for our sister companies, testing our strategies on our own brands and scaling what works (some of them actually generate over £1 million a year). Which means we don’t just recommend things because it’s ‘best practice’, but because it delivers real commercial impact. A lot of agencies will tell you their strategy is ‘results-driven’. But results can be anything - good and bad. And you only want the good stuff. So our strategy is profit-driven, because that’s what you really care about.

We don’t treat SEO as a siloed service, but something that works towards your wider business goals. Because if your business goal is to improve brand awareness, your SEO goal of bringing more traffic to your homepage won’t do much to achieve that. Instead, we bridge the gap between the two and solve the issues holding you back - setting you up for long-term growth.

Specialising in SEO, we’ve helped a range of businesses achieve things like:

→ A 104% increase in organic traffic in just 3 months through technical SEO changes for eCommerce company, Flagmakers.

→ A 50% lift in inbound inquiries in less than 6 months for construction company, Muck-Truck.

→ Generated multi-millions in organic revenue for garden furniture company, Internet Gardener.

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Our SEO Services

We specialise in a handful of SEO services - giving you as much or as little support as you need. Whether you want us to run your SEO or use us as a bolt-on to your existing strategy, we’ll help turn your SEO efforts into commercial gain.

  • eCommerce SEO

    From small start-ups to larger, more established companies, leveraging eCommerce SEO is key to getting your products seen and sold. That’s why we focus more on the technical side of things, making sure your online store's visibility, rankings, organic traffic and sales revenue are the best they can be.

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  • Local SEO

    If you’re wanting to target local prospects in a specific area (this usually applies to companies with a physical storefront), we’ll optimise your website using local SEO to help bring more potential buyers in your area to your website, thus increasing your in-store footfall.

  • International SEO

    If you’re targeting or selling to multiple countries, you need to make sure the Canadian market goes to the Canadian site, and the UK market goes to the UK site. We’ll work closely with your team, combining their local knowledge and language with actionable data to ensure you’re targeting the right people and ranking in foreign search engines.

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  • Link Building

    We build hard-to-get links from sites you’ve actually heard of by getting your content featured on those very sites. Because Google won’t rank your site if it doesn’t trust it (and the same goes for your customers). Think of it like each link is a vote of confidence to how good your site is.

  • Website Migrations

    We’ve seen too many businesses neglect their SEO when they’re migrating their website - and it costs them thousands. Our specialists understand the landscape and know where the pitfalls are, which means they’ll navigate you down the right route and often help your site to perform even better than before.

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  • Technical SEO

    You wouldn’t build a house on weak foundations, so you shouldn’t do the same for your business. Technical SEO supports all your other SEO components. Get this wrong and you’ll be limiting your site’s visibility, in turn costing you potential revenue. We’ll fix any underlying issues (duplicate content, broken links) to make sure your site can be understood by search engines.

  • SEO Audit

    It’s the same as an MOT (without the feeling of dread). To understand how your SEO is performing and what can be done to improve it, it needs to be looked at with a magnifying glass. We’ll run some tests and create a prioritised list of tasks to fix, as well as uncover any opportunities that’ll help your site run better.

  • Content

    As well as all the back-end stuff, you need your on-page content to be as SEO-friendly as possible. That doesn’t mean cramming keywords into every sentence, but identifying the correct terms you should be targeting and working them in naturally to your content - boosting each page’s visibility. We’ll then monitor its impact on ranking in search engine results page and adjust accordingly.

Our SEO Approach

Rather than focusing on your SEO goals, we start at the top and work our way down: first understanding what your overall business goals are, then how your marketing team (or specialist) is trying to achieve them, and finally where SEO fits in.

We lead with the bigger picture first because you need to manipulate your SEO to align with your long-term business goals, not the other way around. This tells us what to focus on and what tactics to use - thus building your strategy. And this is the way to get results that are worth paying for (without the disappointment).

We break SEO down into three main categories: technical, content and promotion. Prefer to talk it through? Let’s chat.

  • 1. Technical

    Our goal with technical SEO is to ensure search engines can access, crawl, index and understand the infrastructure of your website - which basically means to look at your site and say ‘you make sense, let’s put you here’.

    We take a holistic approach by starting with a technical SEO audit and various analytical assessments. We look at your site's information architecture, on-page technical elements (like schema markup), mobile-friendliness and loading speed, among other things.

    For larger sites these issues might be more complex (like incorrect canonical tags, duplicate content eating up your crawl budget and rendering problems). So this process will catch and fix all of these ‘under the bonnet’ issues to improve how your site’s crawled and indexed.

  • 2. Content

    We start with keyword research to get to know what your industry and market looks like online - which tells us where you’re currently sitting and allows us to cross-reference against potential new opportunities.

    We then split our efforts into three areas: current pages (updating your current content to better align it with user intent), new pages (adding new pages to target terms you’re not currently targeting) and a content strategy for new posts (targeting people at all levels of the content funnel).

    Why do we start at the bottom of the funnel? This is where you'll see the fastest return on investment. Once we’ve created our pages, we’ll make sure the on-page content is correctly optimised - looking at things like basic meta titles and descriptions, all the way to structuring the content for feature snippets.

  • 3. Promotion

    The last piece of the formula is down to the authoritativeness of your site (your ability to provide reliable, trustworthy information).

    You need to have a similar or higher level of credibility than your competitors - this is all relative to the sector and industry you’re operating in, as well as the terms you’re targeting as some are more competitive than others.

    We can influence this by doing link building and running digital PR campaigns to increase the number of backlinks your site has. The important thing is to prioritise quality over quantity. This means asking the question: does this link have relevancy, trust, authority and traffic? If the answer’s yes, it’s a link worth having. And we’ll go after it.

Want more paying customers to land on your site?

“Contrast has been instrumental in improving our SEO in a short period of time.”

- Hector Hughes, Growth lead, Nobly

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