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Don’t lose all your hard work (and your profits) overnight just because you didn’t do the right SEO preparations for your migration.

You’ve made the decision to do a migration. That’s a great step to take for your business - but only if it’s done right. If you’re lacking the experience, specialist knowledge, time or resources to ensure your SEO is fully optimised before, during, and after your migration, you’re setting yourself up for big problems. Or maybe you’ve already done your migration without considering SEO and are wanting to do some damage control. Either way, you need an agency with an experienced team of SEO migration specialists to get your business where you want it to be.

Without proper SEO preparation and management throughout the process of your migration, your post-migration SEO performance is a disaster waiting to happen. This disastrous drop in your SEO performance will ultimately lead to a drop in your organic traffic and sales, resulting in a loss of revenue. But with the right SEO migration strategy and an experienced specialist team in eCommerce SEO migrations, you’ll be able to sidestep these downfalls to maintain and improve your SEO performance after your migration and into the future.

You need Contrast - the eCommerce SEO migration specialists. From re-platforming and CMS migrations to rebranding and domain migrations, we have the experience and expert knowledge to ensure your migration is as successful as possible. We’re also partners with a range of eCommerce platforms including BigCommerce and Shopify, meaning we know these platforms inside out and are in the perfect position to help your business re-platform.

Change in your SEO performance is inevitable when it comes to migrations, but together we can help make this a positive change for your business and maximise your revenue.

Our Services

At Contrast, we are here to provide whatever level of migration support you need. Through our SEO migration services, we can just assist you with specific SEO aspects of your migration or we can guide you through the complete SEO migration process from beginning to end (and beyond).

  • Consultancy

    As part of our SEO migration consultancy, we would work alongside you to manage your site's SEO performance throughout the process of your migration, from pre-launch preparation to post-launch monitoring. The consultancy we provide to our clients is unique to each business but can include services like helping to create a migration plan, auditing your site, and creating pre-migration and post-migration reports.

  • Technical SEO

    Ignoring the technical SEO aspects of your migration can cause many catastrophic issues including crawling and indexing issues. But technical SEO issues are often avoidable if you have the right knowledge and skills. From site architecture analysis and indexation analysis to redirect mapping and testing, every technical SEO aspect of your migration will be carefully managed by our experienced team of SEO specialists.

  • Content SEO

    Your SEO performance will be largely impacted by your content. Carrying out a migration can impact the effectiveness of your content SEO efforts. It’s important to ensure that the content on your site stays the same throughout the migration to protect your SEO performance. To do this and to track the success of the migration, we will conduct a content crawl before and after your migration to benchmark pre-migration performance and track post-migration performance.

  • Post-Migration

    Our support doesn’t end once the migration is completed. We can continue to monitor your site’s analytics as well as conducting audits and diagnostic site crawls to identify and fix any lingering SEO issues.

    Perhaps you’ve come to us for SEO resuscitation after conducting a botched migration. If this is the case, we can audit your site and help you create a post-migration recovery plan to fix and regain as much of your SEO performance as possible.

Our Approach

To be successful and reduce the SEO risks associated with migrations, you need to follow a clear, well-designed, tried and tested process. After all, you are risking your profits and your business - you need to be sure that your investment is in good hands.

Our 3-step approach ensures that your site is fully prepared and optimised for a smooth migration and that any post-migration issues are quickly resolved to reduce negative changes and encourage an ongoing increase in your SEO performance.

We know migrations can be daunting but we’re here to talk you through our trusted process. Simply get in touch.

  • Pre-Migration

    To have a successful migration, you need to have a well thought out, detailed plan. We start this process by analysing and gaining insights into how your site is currently performing by conducting audits and site crawls. We would then work within your staging site for the migration and conduct further tech audits and redirect tests.

  • During Migration

    Once your pre-migration site is ready and you go live, we will be on hand to make sure everything is going smoothly. We do this by carrying out site crawls to quickly identify and fix any initial issues. This will aim to get your site working at its best from the get go, aiding a smooth migration, preventing as many post-migration issues as possible, and encouraging a continuation of positive SEO performance.

  • Post-Migration

    After your migration, we will spend the next couple of weeks continuing to analyse your site and monitor your SEO performance. This allows us to quickly identify any technical SEO issues and make recommendations to resolve them before they start to have a bigger impact on your SEO performance.

Don’t risk a disaster, let us guide your business through a smooth SEO migration.

“We chose to work with Contrast as from the outset we felt confident in their specialist knowledge.”
- Terry Rowlands, Managing Director, Muck Truck

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