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Scaling in an international market isn’t straight forward, but we’ve got the path to drive your business to its full potential.

You want to expand your horizons and scale your business within the international market. Whether you’re already working within your target international market and are looking to grow your success, or you’re looking to launch your site in a new international market, you need an agency that has experience and expertise in international eCommerce SEO.

You need Contrast - your international eCommerce SEO specialists. Getting your business in front of your international audience is a good start, but this alone won’t get you the results you want. You also need to encourage trust and fully engage with your target audience to acquire and retain your valuable customers and reach your full international potential.

What’s the secret to our success? It’s our proven growth framework. Focusing on the demand generation and the demand capture aspects of our framework, we target your international audience using a range of SEO methods that are proven to get you the real, sustainable results you’re craving. But we don’t just roll out the same old thing for every business and every international market. We mould our framework into a unique strategy to perfectly fit your business goals and generate the best results in your target international market.

Our Services

Whatever stage your business is at with its move into international markets, our range of SEO services can help optimise your success from initial consultancy through to content creation and link building.

  • Consultancy

    You’re interested in expanding into new international markets but you need some expert advice on what is available and what would be best for your business. Our team have a deep understanding of international audiences and offer international SEO consultancy to give you the support you need to scale your business to its full potential. From identifying the right international market for you, to carrying out competitor and industry research in the international market, we know how to build the best international SEO strategy to grow your business.

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  • Technical SEO

    Providing the best possible user experience for your international customers (ultimately resulting in a higher conversion rate) means you need to optimise the technical side of your website for SEO. Whether you are wanting to launch an international website or optimise your current international site, you need to ensure you’re giving the right signals to the relevant international search engines. Our specialist SEO team can implement a range of technical SEO methods including hreflang tags and domain restructuring to get your site where it needs to be.

  • Content

    One of the main aspects of international SEO that businesses often fall short at is generating and optimising their content for their target international market. Simply translating a copy of your English content will get you nowhere. At Contrast, your content will be written by native speakers who are able to speak to your international customers using the language, cultural references, and local idioms that will fully engage them. We will also carry out keyword research specific to your business and international market to ensure your content and meta data is targeting the right keywords and search intent.

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  • Localisations

    Optimising your website for international SEO means optimising it for the local area of your target audience. To improve the user experience and encourage conversions, you need to ensure your website is set up for the right currency and payment methods. But first your customers need to be able to find you. We can help you to understand the behaviour of your international audience, helping you to identify and optimise your site for the search engines that your customers are using.

  • Link Building

    To build trust with search engines and customers in an international market, you need to build organic and relevant links that promote your authority within your target international market. Our digital PR specialists are experienced in international PR campaigns and have the knowledge and skills to get your link building campaigns into local publications, building your local authority.

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  • Audits and Reports

    Data is of paramount importance when it comes to SEO. Our SEO team will carry out regular audits and crawls of your international site, as well as keeping a close eye on performance metrics and KPIs (like traffic, keyword rankings, and revenue) to monitor your international SEO performance. This data can then be compiled into regular reports to keep you up to date with your international success.

Our Approach

We’ll start by looking at your overall business goals when it comes to expanding into new markets before identifying where SEO fits into these goals and how to get you those all important results.

Starting with achieving your short term goals, we’ll use technical and content SEO methods to focus on capturing the demand at the bottom of the sales funnel. We’ll then work our way up the sales funnel to generate demand for your products and brand within your international market. Taking this approach gets you the quick wins you need to start seeing a quick ROI as well as generating a sustainable stream of revenue with long-term SEO.

Want to discuss the approach we would take with your business? Let’s chat.

  • Technical

    The first thing we do in our approach to international eCommerce SEO is optimise your site for technical SEO. To do this, we will carry out site crawls to ensure that there are no technical limitations to your site's performance. For example, all redirects, indexing, and hreflang tags are working correctly. If the site crawls do identify technical SEO issues, our specialist team will fix these to prevent them from affecting future SEO performance.

  • Content

    Our approach to optimising your content for international SEO always starts with keyword research for the international region you’re targeting. This will guide us on how your current pages (if your site is already live) and new pages can be optimised to reach their full ranking potential. We will start with bottom of the funnel SEO methods to get you the quickest ROI before making a content strategy to reach your long-term international SEO content goals.

  • Promotion

    Once your international site is optimised for both technical and content SEO, it’s time to start promoting your site to your target audience. The main way we do this is by building authoritative, organic, and relevant links through digital PR campaigns within your international industry. This will signal to search engines (as well as your customers) that your site is trusted by other authoritative sites in the international industry, leading to higher rankings and higher conversions.

Adventure into international markets and grow your revenue today with international eCommerce SEO at Contrast.

“Contrast has been instrumental in improving our SEO in a short period of time.”
- Hector Hughes, Growth Lead, Nobly

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