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Don’t mess around when it comes to your investment. Give your Magento (Adobe Commerce) store the specialist attention it needs.

Tired of missing out on customers and revenue? Sure, your Magento store is probably working just fine. But it could be bringing in so much more organic traffic. We know it’s difficult to find the time and the resources to spend on in-house SEO. It’s so much easier and quicker to outsource it (and let's face it, experienced specialists will probably get you better results). All you need is an agency who specialises in Magento SEO.

You’re looking for Contrast. Not only are we specialists in SEO, but we also specialise in the minefield that is Magento SEO. Our range of skills, combined with our in-depth knowledge of Magento (including all the lesser known SEO tricks) means we can get your business where it needs to be - in front of your future customers and generating profit.

More than just keywords and SERP rankings, fully optimising your Magento store is a treasure trove of revenue just waiting for you to discover. But we don’t just do the same old thing for each client. Your business is unique, so your Magento SEO strategy needs to be unique too. Guided by our proven growth framework and your business goals, we follow the data to give you measurable results.


Our Services

When it comes to our Magento SEO services, we take a tailored approach. We will work closely with you to identify which of our services will best meet your needs. Not only will this achieve your business goals faster, but it’ll give you the best ROI.

  • Digital PR

    Digital PR isn’t just about link building. But when it comes to optimising your Magento site for SEO, gaining topical and valuable backlinks through our Digital PR campaigns are invaluable to your success. Just as a link from an authoritative site signifies to your target audience that your site can be trusted, it also encourages search engines to trust your site. Building this trust between your Magento store and search engines will encourage increased rankings in the SERPs, making you more visible and trustworthy to your target audience.

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  • Content

    Every page on your Magento site is impacted by the content you use. If your content isn’t set up for SEO, your site isn’t reaching its full potential. Our content team are specialists in Magento SEO and will use your existing content, as well as creating new content, to boost your visibility. We use methods like keyword research to identify relevant keywords that will help search engines to understand your site better and put you in front of your potential future customers.

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  • Website Migrations

    When doing a Magento website migration, you need to ensure you’ve prepared for the migration from an SEO point of view. Without doing this, you risk losing customers and revenue. We have the specialist Magento SEO skills you need to protect your current SEO performance and even improve your performance during and after your migration.

  • International SEO

    As Magento SEO specialists, we know how to make your Magento store perform to its fullest potential in international markets. To do this, we ensure your Magento site is optimised for the relevant international market you’re expanding into, including targeting the right foreign audiences and search engines.

  • Technical SEO

    The potential of your Magento store is limited if you haven’t carried out technical SEO. Not only will the underlying issues make any further SEO strategies redundant, it also has the potential to seriously impede your revenue potential. We can iron out these issues so your site can run smoothly and keep growing in opportunities and profit.

  • SEO Auditing

    SEO auditing is our main starting point when it comes to optimising your Magento store for SEO. This will give us an idea of what needs to be done as a priority to get you quicker results, as well as identifying areas of opportunity for continued long-term success. We will then regularly audit your site to track the data and take advantage of any further SEO opportunities.

Our Approach

To reach your future business goals, we need to know where you’ve been and what SEO methods you’ve tried. Once we’ve gained these insights, our approach will focus around building and implementing your unique Magento SEO strategy.

But what will your Magento SEO strategy look like? The details of your SEO strategy will be specific to your business, but our approach always follows three main aspects - technical, content, and promotion. Optimising your Magento store from these three angles combines to create an SEO strategy with the breadth and depth needed to achieve not only your SEO goals, but your wider business goals.

What to talk about how we would approach your Magento SEO strategy? Simply get in touch.

  • Technical

    Technical SEO is the backbone upon which your Magento store is built. Therefore, we start by identifying the core technical issues. For example, issues within your site’s architecture. Without solving these core issues, search engines will struggle to fully understand your site, leading to worse SEO performance.

    Once these core issues are resolved and search engines can start to properly understand your site, additional analysis can be done to identify other areas for technical improvement on your Magento site. This could be ensuring your site is mobile-friendly or improving your loading speeds. These extra technical improvements aren’t essential for search engines to get a general understanding of your site, but they will have a big impact on boosting your SEO performance - ultimately resulting in more visibility, more conversions, and more profit

  • Content

    As well as the technical side of SEO, our approach also covers the content side of SEO. Our starting point with content is always to gain insights and collect valuable data on your industry, the behaviour of your target audience, and your current SEO performance. We do this through keyword research.

    Once we’ve collected the keyword research data, we are ready to start working on your content. Guided by the data and your business goals, our aim is to use our specialist Magento SEO knowledge to boost your content in the eyes of search engines. We optimise the on-page and meta content for your existing pages, as well as creating new pages to draw in your target audience (using different keywords and searcher intents). Ultimately, this will better inform search engines of the purpose of your site, leading them to place you better in front of your target audience.

  • Promotion

    Your technical and content SEO efforts could be reaching their optimum potential, but if your site is lacking authority, your SEO performance is going to suffer. This is because it isn’t enough for search engines to just understand your Magento store, they also need to trust it before they’ll encourage your target audience to visit your store.

    So how do you develop your Magento site’s authority? Our skilled Digital PR team will run promotion and link building campaigns to encourage backlinks to your store from other more authoritative sites. Not only does this increase awareness of your brand and products within your target audience, it also tells search engines that your site is valuable and trustworthy. Ultimately, the more valuable and trustworthy search engines believe your site is due to backlinks from other trusted sites, the higher they are likely to rank you in the SERPs.

Looking for a Magento SEO strategy to get you real results?

Express, Metro and Daily Mirror and that’s just a handful!”

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