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SEO isn’t one size fits all. It varies depending on your business, your goals, and the eCommerce platform you use. Building your eCommerce store on WooCommerce is a great foundation upon which to build your SEO strategy. But it is just that - a foundation. To get the results you want (and avoid missing out on revenue), you need to fully optimise your WooCommerce store for search engines.

But where do you start? How do you find the time and resources to get the full benefit of WooCommerce’s SEO functionalities? Enter Contrast - Your WooCommerce SEO specialists. We don’t just follow the same old pattern. We get to know your business and build an SEO strategy that’s unique to you and your goals.

When creating your SEO strategy, we ensure that every aspect of your WooCommerce store will be optimised. This gives your potential customers (who are currently looking for you) a better chance of finding you, and converting. Let us help you get your products where they need to be - in front of your target audience.


Our Services

When it comes to the WooCommerce SEO services we provide, our skilled team have a range of specialisms. As an agency, we will work with you to identify the services which are going to be most effective in achieving your business goals, ultimately getting you the best ROI.

  • Digital PR

    SEO ultimately boils down to the relationship between your WooCommerce store and search engines. To build this relationship, you need to build trust. How do you build trust? Digital PR. Our Digital PR campaigns start out with a great idea and end in valuable, topical backlinks to your WooCommerce store. These backlinks indicate to search engines that your site can be trusted, leading to more visibility in the SERPs. The trust from search engines then encourages trust between your store and your target audience - resulting in conversions and profit.

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  • Content

    Content optimisation is a big part of setting up your WooCommerce store for optimum SEO performance. We work with you to ensure your content (whether existing or new) is unique, relevant, and uses the right keywords that fit with the intent of the reader (your potential customer). Not only does this help your potential customer to find what they’re looking for on your site, it also allows search engines to better understand your site, boosting your visibility to your target audience.

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  • Website Migrations

    A lot can go wrong during a migration, especially if you ignore the SEO aspect of a migration. But with a skilled team of WooCommerce SEO specialists, the risks are greatly reduced. Whether you’re wanting to do a migration to WooCommerce or you’re already set up on WooCommerce and want to do a redesign or domain migration, we have the experience and knowledge to save you thousands of pounds in losses.

  • International SEO

    Wanting to take your WooCommerce store to a new international level? As WooCommerce SEO specialists, we can help you to optimise your WooCommerce site for your new foreign markets. This includes optimising your content for international search engines and audiences, as well as ensuring the technical SEO side of your international WooCommerce store is performing to its fullest.

  • Technical SEO

    Your WooCommerce store isn’t going to perform to its full potential if there are issues within the technical foundation of your site. Our technical SEO methods fix these underlying issues, as well as ensuring your site’s foundation is ready to boost your further, non-technical optimisations.

  • SEO Auditing

    To improve and develop your WooCommerce store for SEO, we need to understand how your store is currently performing. To do this we will carry out an SEO audit, identifying what isn’t working or is missing from your WooCommerce store. We then use this data to build your SEO strategy, unique to your store and your business goals.

Our Approach

The first thing we do in our approach to WooCommerce SEO is gain an in-depth understanding of your business. This includes identifying your overall business goals and discovering what SEO methods you’ve tried so far. Only then can we begin to form an SEO strategy to get you where you want to be.

Our approach to building your WooCommerce SEO strategy is divided into three stages - insights, planning, and implementation. We cover these three stages for each of the technical, content, and promotion aspects of your SEO strategy. This ensures a well-rounded approach is taken to boost your WooCommerce SEO performance to achieve its full potential.

What to talk about how we would approach your WooCommerce SEO strategy? Simply get in touch.

  • Technical

    Until the technical side of your WooCommerce store (at least the main issues) are fixed, optimising the rest of your store won’t make a big difference. Therefore, we start with analysing your WooCommerce store to identify the technical SEO issues. Resolving the crucial issues (like any issues in your site’s architecture) are essential to allow search engines to begin to understand your site.

    But our technical SEO work doesn’t stop there. Once your WooCommerce store has a strong technical foundation to build upon, further optimisations can be made to boost your SEO performance. This includes further technical SEO methods like improving your page loading speeds and ensuring your store is mobile-friendly.

  • Content

    To optimise your WooCommerce store’s content, we start with collecting data so we know where your target audience are and what their search intent is. We do this through keyword research. This will also give us a good idea of how your SEO content is currently performing, allowing us to identify areas of opportunity for improvement.

    We then use this data, your business goals, and our specialist knowledge of WooCommerce to optimise your content. This includes the content on your existing pages, as well as creating new pages targeting different keywords and searcher intent. Ultimately, this better communicates to search engines what your site is about and where to rank you.

  • Promotion

    Your WooCommerce site is now able to communicate well with search engines from both a technical and content point of view. But communicating with search engines isn’t enough. You also need to give them a good reason to trust your site. Without trust in your site, search engines are more likely to recommend other, more authoritative sites to your target audience.

    This is where promoting your store comes in. You need to build your site’s authority. We do this by promoting your WooCommerce store through link building and Digital PR campaigns. These campaigns lead to valuable backlinks from sites with higher authority than yours, leading search engines to trust your site more and increase your visibility in the SERPs.

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“Our confidence in growing commercially has been bolstered dramatically by all of the strategies Contrast has put in place”

- Martin Neill, CEO, AirPOS

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