Our proven eCommerce growth framework

Demand Capture

In short: Generate sales by tapping into a market that’s already searching for your product.

We start with paid media because it typically gives you a faster ROI than SEO. But that’s not to say we don’t focus on SEO. Instead, we use paid media to fuel the cost of long-term acquisition initiatives - like SEO.

Our process:

Paid Shopping → Paid Search → Paid Retargeting → SEO

1. Shopping Ads: We’ll begin with Google Shopping campaigns (if you don’t already run them) because the intent is already there, so they tend to produce a greater payout with a lower average CPC than search.

2. Search Ads: Next we’ll leverage paid search campaigns on Google and Bing to better target the terms that give us greater control of your performance. Then we can target broader head terms with larger search volumes to drive scale, should the unit economics stack up.

3. Paid Retargeting: We’ll retarget users on Facebook and Google to try and re-engage traffic that’s already visited your site. Why? Because it’s generally cheaper to get past visitors back to your site than new visitors.

This will be one of the most profitable campaigns we’ll run (but it doesn’t have as much scale compared to others).

4. Bottom of Funnel SEO: Depending on your site’s vs your competitors’ authority, we’ll produce a content strategy (and the content) around your customers’ pain points, which leads to higher assisted conversions). Combined with link building and Digital PR campaigns, this will help close the gap between you and your competitors.

5. CRO: Getting your target audience onto your site is only your first hurdle. Once they’re on your site, you then need to convince them to convert. Understanding your customer behaviour is key here, so that’s where we’ll start. For example, we can use strategies like heat mapping to see where your site users are using your site. We’ll then look to regularly test and implement CRO strategies across your site, like improving navigation and the user experience, and ensuring copy and images are relevant and persuasive.

Demand Generation

In short: Create the desire for your target market to want to buy your products.

Demand generation is all about making people aware of your brand and products - and convincing them to buy from you.

How? With scroll-stopping creative. To grab their attention, you need a powerful message that resonates with them enough to make them buy your product there and then, followed by continuous testing to prevent ad fatigue.

Our process:

Social Campaigns → Paid Social Ads → Ad Creative

1. Influencer Marketing: We’ll get you in front of your target audience by running paid influencer marketing campaigns or conducting product seeding campaigns with relevant influencers in your industry.

2. Paid Social Ads: We’ll test campaigns on social channels where your target audience spends the most time.

For example:

But we don’t limit ourselves to these two platforms alone. We’ve run lots of ad campaigns on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit and LinkedIn.

3. Ad Creative: A lot of the success of your social campaigns depends on your creative. Don’t have the resources for professional-looking creative? We can do it for you with our in-house creative services.

4. CRO: Like demand capture, you’ve worked hard to get your audience’s attention. Now you’ve got it, don’t lose it. Within demand generation, we’ll focus on the CRO of your landing pages. We’ll do this by regularly testing different ideas which could include adding social proof, editing page layout, or improving CTAs.


In short: Encourage past customers to buy from you again to increase profitability.

Most eCommerce businesses (and non-eCom agencies) only focus on customer acquisition - overlooking retention because they forget to leverage their existing customer base for repeat sales.

We don’t. Here’s why:

Our process:

Email Marketing → SMS Marketing → Paid Remarketing

1. Email Marketing: First we make sure you have the foundations built: key email marketing automation workflows.

We’ll set up both pre- and post-purchase flows, including things like a welcome series, cross-sells, customer win-backs and more. Without a solid automated email framework, you’re missing out on thousands in potential revenue.

2. SMS Marketing: SMS marketing has a higher open rate (98%). But it is more costly. So we’ll focus our SMS marketing efforts on your loyal customers who will be more easily tempted back to your site for regular purchases. More direct and to the point than email, these messages will inform your customers of events like product launches and sales.

3. Paid Remarketing: Through paid ads campaigns on platforms like Facebook, we’ll encourage and incentivise past customers to return to your site and shop with you again.

You know the old saying that you get 80% of the rewards for 20% of the effort? That’s why we start here. Once these are implemented, we’ll look at more advanced email and paid strategies, and then consider leveraging SMS and loyalty schemes.

4. CRO: We’ll use CRO strategies to persuade customers to return to your site. Then once they’re on your site, we’ll further boost CRO to encourage a repeat purchase. This could include adding personalisation within retention methods or asking for customer feedback to learn how you can improve your customer experience.

Stop wasting budget on a strategy that isn’t giving you a good enough ROI.

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