Our eCommerce growth methodology

There’s no magic to our methodology, just one proven growth formula:

Which means…

Profitable growth comes from knowing your financial metrics (visitors, conversion rates, lifetime value and variable costs) and driving them forward in a scalable strategy.

To keep things simple, we break eCommerce marketing down into two areas:

  1. Customer acquisition - drive more targeted traffic to your site to acquire new customers who haven’t bought from you before.
  2. Customer retention - convert more visitors or encourage past customers to spend more at your site.
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Our Approach to Demand Generation

No matter the channel, you want a return on your efforts. So to drive demand generation, you need your paid and organic search channels to work in harmony, as well as to understand when’s best to use them individually.

Paid (short-medium term play)

Paid search delivers quick results with a shorter turnaround time than organic, which is why it’s usually the go-to channel when people start marketing their store.

How we use it:

  • To re-engage visitors who haven’t made a purchase and point them back to your site

  • To target a niche audience

  • When running time-sensitive offers

  • When ranking is a priority

Organic (medium-long term play)

Moving up in the search rankings organically takes time and persistence, but once you're there you get to reap the long-term benefits: free, recurring and high-converting traffic.

How we use it:

  • Target less competitive terms to generate fewer but higher quality leads

  • Secure worthy backlinks via data-driven campaigns to gain more authority

  • Create content of value that bumps your site to the top of the SERPs

Our services that’ll help increase demand generation:

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Our Approach to Customer Retention

To improve customer retention, we aim to convert more in the short term, whilst considering your customer’s long term experience.

How? We help connect your shoppers to your product on a personal level by leading with how-to videos, user-generated content and founder stories - working to increase your conversion rate but still nurture your customer lifetime value.

But lifetime is vague, so we go by the 30:100 rule. Aim to increase your brand’s customer LTV by 30% in 60 days and by 100% in 1 year.

30% within 60 days = your customer quickly saw the need for your product.

100% within 1 year = you know you’re continually providing value.

Our services that’ll help influence your LTV and CR:

  • Email marketing

  • Remarketing

  • CRO

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