Elliott Davidson Nominated for Rising Star Award at the UK eCommerce Awards

1 year ago by Elliott Davidson

We’re excited to announce that Contrast’s founder Elliott Davidson has been nominated for the Rising Star award at the UK eCommerce Awards 2022. For Elliott, It’s an honour to be recognised for the hard work, dedication, and specialist knowledge that he puts into everything he does.

What is the Rising Star Award?

The Rising Star Award is one of the award categories at the annual UK eCommerce Awards. This award recognises, celebrates, and rewards professionals under the age of 30 who have achieved exceptional success so far in their careers and have had a big impact on the eCommerce industry.

Why are we nominated?

As well as his hard work, dedication, and specialist knowledge, Elliott has been nominated for this award because of the great success he has achieved with his strategies and approach to eCommerce, both with his own eCommerce businesses and with eCommerce clients.

This nomination gives Elliott, and the whole team at Contrast, the opportunity to showcase our successes. Although there are too many to talk about them all, here are some of our most recent successes:

Y Frame Discounts:

We set a target for one of our own eCommerce businesses, Y Frame Discounts, to achieve a 50% increase in turnover in the first half of 2022 (January to June) compared to the last half of 2021 (July to December). Not only did we hit this target, but we surpassed it. By June 2022, we achieved a turnover of 65%.

How? Our strategy had 2 aspects. First, we implemented a new system of pick packing at our warehouse, making our warehouse system more efficient. Second, we cleansed our order management system (OMS) product data. This allowed us to list more products on different sales channels, ultimately boosting sales.

EV Cables:

With our client EV Cables, we increased conversion rates from 1.37% to 1.97%, a 44% increase. We’ve also increased organic revenue by 79.25% from £7,780.68 to £13,946.83 (and we did this within just 30 days).

How? We identified that aspects of their website were underperforming so we worked with our client to implement customisation and a theme replacement. We also changed the navigation structure after identifying that the main navigation click depth for 2 main categories had increased after their website had gone through a previous botched replatforming.

We also used the retention aspect of our proven eCommerce growth framework to create email automation flows including abandoned checkout, customer thank yous, and cross-sell/upsell email flows. As we’ve only just implemented these, we do not yet know the extent of growth this will bring in for EV Cables. However, our target is that 10% (£100,000) of their overall revenue from the next 12 months will be brought in from these email automation flows.

Want to read more of our successes? Check out our case studies here.

What does being nominated mean to us?

We’re proud to be nominated for an award from the high standing UK eCommerce Awards which is respected and valued within the eCommerce and marketing industry and to be alongside so many great eCommerce specialists and agencies.

Elliott entered the UK eCommerce Awards to have the chance to gain industry recognition for the hard work that both Elliott and the whole team here at Contrast put into everything we do. Not only would winning this award be a big boost to Elliott’s career, it would also give us the opportunity to expand our horizons and work with new clients on bigger projects.

Watch this space…The winner will be announced at the UK eCommerce Award ceremony in London on November 17th.