Google Ads Marketing Agency

You know you want to use Google Ads but you don’t have the experience, specialist knowledge, time, or resources to set it up or optimise it to get the best possible ROI. So you’re wanting to work with a Google Ads marketing agency who has the in-depth knowledge and experience to take your business to the next level.

We (Contrast) are that Google Ads marketing agency. As official Google Ads partners, we have the in-depth specialist knowledge that is needed to achieve and exceed your business goals. But not only do we have this knowledge, we also have the important hands on experience (as doing something is very different to just learning about it). We have worked with clients to develop and manage their Google Ads campaigns with great results. What else would you expect from an agency (that’s us, Contrast) who knows Google Ads inside out and has the expert skills to make Google Ads work for you.

Our great success with using Google Ads with our clients is because we follow our proven growth framework. This framework involves customer acquisition (split into demand capture and demand generation) and customer retention. Paid media through Google Ads is used throughout each step of the framework. From Google shopping and search ads |(demand capture) to paid social (demand generation) to paid remarketing (customer retention). Optimising your Google Ads for each of these steps of the framework will improve the performance of your ads, grow your business, and get you the best ROI.

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