Gorgias Agency

You know that in the long run Gorgias will save you time and resources by making your customer service more efficient. But to get there, you first need the time and resources to set up and optimise Gorgias. Whether this is what you’re struggling with or whether you have minimal to no knowledge or experience of using Gorgias, you need a Gorgias agency to help get your business to where it needs to be.

We are Contrast, the Gorgias agency that your business needs to thrive. But why us? We are official partners of Gorgias. This means that we know Gorgias inside out and have the in-depth specialist knowledge and skills to drive growth and success for your eCommerce business.

How do we drive you to success? We use our proven growth framework. Our framework is made up of customer acquisition (split into demand capture and demand generation) and customer retention. We use Gorgias throughout our framework in both customer acquisition and customer retention. Efficient customer service will not only create trust which will generate new and repeat sales, but quickly and effectively answering queries will drive sales while the customer is still engaged with your product.

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