Shopify Marketing Agency

You’ve set up your eCommerce Shopify store, you’ve done the basic optimisations, but you want to do so much more. The issue is you don’t know how or what needs to be done. You might not have the resources it takes to really optimise your site (and get it right). Or maybe time is your problem. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to fully optimise your site along with keeping all the other aspects of your business going.

Put simply - you know Shopify has so much more to offer but you need help accessing it. So you’re looking for a Shopify marketing agency who knows Shopify inside out.

Well, look no further. Here at Contrast, we are an official Shopify partner and have the in-depth knowledge and experience needed to grow your business on Shopify. Not only have we developed our understanding and route to success in Shopify from working with clients, but we also run our own eCommerce sister business on Shopify. Managing our own eCommerce business allowed us to test and perfect our approach to Shopify so that when it comes to working with your business (and our other clients), we know exactly what to do to optimise your Shopify site and get you the best ROI.

That’s all great, but you want to know what our approach is. We simply follow our proven growth framework. Focused on customer acquisition (demand capture and demand generation) and customer retention, our framework approach includes optimising your Shopify site using marketing methods like creative content, SEO, and paid media. Let us optimise your Shopify site and take your business to the next level.

Ready to make the most out of your Shopify site? Reach out to us today.