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The Contrast Digital Marketing Service

Our job, no, our passion, is to create epic content and supercharge your eCommerce website, driving you more sales.

This is a fully done-for-you eCommerce SEO & content marketing service where we produce and implement a custom marketing strategy that drives you more sales.

What You’ll Get

Your entire digital marketing operation outsourced, start to finish

Benefit: Most firms just write articles and share on social. We’ll create a complete strategy for you start to finish and execute on all of it.

Comprehensive store optimization to fix on page issues

Benefit: With our technical SEO knowledge we’ll make sure you’re not limiting your growth with errors, technical issues or missed opportunities.

Extensive keyword research to attract your target customers

Benefit: Quality over quantity, this way the traffic you do receive will have the correct intent and therefore more likely to convert.

High-quality content creation your customers will love

Benefit: Producing content your customers actually want to consume rather than high-level fluff.

A customized content promotion plan that gets results

Benefit: We’ll generate traffic and links not just publish and pray approach.

Our Experience

We have a wealth of experience specifically in SEO and Content marketing. We believe our name embodies everything we believe in, doing things differently (hence “Contrast”). Below you can read these case studies of companies we’ve helped in more detail, as well as a brief background on our founder.

Case Studies

You can read more in depth about each of these ongoing case studies here:

Multione UK – Grounds care specialist – Case Study

Arb & Grounds – Garden machinery specialist – Case Study

Founder’s Background

Elliott Davidson’s background originates from sport, at a young age he got involved in Canoe Slalom. Having done this until recently and reached a high level of international standard he knows the time and dedication it takes to become the world’s best.

Having also worked in the digital marketing industry both agency side and as a freelancer over the last 5 years. More recently over the last year and a half, his freelancing business has taken off and he’s been able to scale this up into a boutique eCommerce agency that is Contrast.

ROI and Pricing

Here is why we think many eCommerce businesses will benefit by choosing us to run their SEO and content marketing:

Less Expensive: All in cost (including benefits, etc.) for an FTE in SEO and content marketing is higher than what we charge. This is due to the fact you’d need several different specialists team members.

Better Results: We have more experience, a better system, and can out deliver an FTE or competing agency you could hire.

Traffic, Not Content: You’ll judge us by traffic produced, not content produced. As a result, we never produce list posts or high-level fluff articles just to show we’re working — never, ever.

Faster Ramp Up: Finding a qualified SEO let alone content marketer isn’t easy, we hit the ground running on the first day because we already have a process.

More Experience: We’ve produced real results for multiple companies and have written about them extensively on our site. We’ve made the mistakes your new hire will make years ago.

More Flexibility: We don’t require a 6 or 12-month contract. That means less risk for you because you can fire an agency at any time as opposed to dealing with HR hassles.

To start with we offer a roadmapping session which is a one-off cost. Through this, we’ll get to know you and your business inside-out and what you’re trying to achieve. From here you’ll receive a detailed action plan outlining all the issues related to your site and a custom strategy for your future growth. You could then give this to your internal team to execute or even another agency. However, if you prefer to work with us we offer a service to implement this action plan.

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