It starts with a story.

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We’re an eCommerce-only digital marketing agency based in Nottingham that practices what we preach, testing strategies on our own 7-figure eCommerce businesses.

As retailers ourselves, we understand the operational and commercial side of running an eCommerce business - and how to achieve scalable, sustainable and profitable revenue.

How? With our proven growth framework. Unlike other agencies, we focus on acquisition and retention to drive short and long-term growth from both angles. Using our framework, we can help you drive more traffic, convert more sales and dominate your industry.

From large companies like Dermalogica to new start-ups, we’ve helped deliver successful website migrations and implement scalable PPC sales funnels, all the way to generating multi-millions in organic revenue.

And yours could be next.

Paul, Elliott and Puja discussing SEO tactics for a client

Why work with us?

We’re commercially-minded

As fellow eCommerce business owners and operators, we know your day-to-day challenges (and how to overcome them), as well as how to influence things like AOV, CPA and LTV to your advantage. We’re also built to have the resources and specialist skills we need for your projects, which means we have the talent to help your business grow.

Access to top talent

While we have a smaller, core in-house team, we can scale up or down according to your project needs with our network of specialists, so you get high-level talent while keeping your project costs down. And we never work in silos. Instead, we work collaboratively to get the most out of your project and budget.

We work with you, as well as for you

You + us + our network of specialists = more opportunities. We can do everything for you or equip you with the skills to take things further yourself, so there’s no limit to your growth.

You’ll receive regular communication via email and video calls as we drive your project forwards, as well as tailored reports, so you know exactly what you’re looking at.

Widely recognised

Our work is featured in some of the industry’s top publications - like Moz, Shopify, BigCommerce and more - and we’re widely recognised as experts in our own right. We’ve contributed to a host of industry-leading blogs and regularly create in-depth tutorials and guides. We also speak at various digital marketing events, as well as lead training sessions for in-house teams.

Meet the founder

Hey, I’m Elliott.

Fun fact: I made my first few £1,000s selling my own pick ‘n’ mix sweets at school - enough to buy my first MacBook Pro. I even bought a pallet of returned Xboxes from Tesco, restored them and sold them on eBay.

So I suppose you could say I’ve got a knack for business.

Having set up Contrast in 2018, I spend my time in the trenches working alongside my team to help other eCommerce businesses, as well as growing my own.

Before this I was actually a full time athlete representing Ireland at an international level with aspirations to compete at the Olympics. But after reaching a major crossroads in my sports career, I knew I had to go all in on the business (because half-arsing it just isn’t in my DNA).

So I’m now on a mission to create the UK’s leading eCommerce marketing agency, while growing my own mini eCommerce empire.

Elliott the Founder kayaking

Our Team

These are the awesome people that make Contrast so great. Combining expertise, creativity, experience and a love for all things digital, we help make good businesses great.