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Not another cut & paste marketing machine

With a wealth of experience in eCommerce marketing, we create and launch specialist digital marketing strategies and campaigns for well-known companies and emerging start-ups. Our focus is to generate you more business with well planned, well designed and well executed campaigns.

Not another cut & paste marketing machine

Definitely not traditional

Our in-house experts have years of experience in creating marketing campaigns that deliver results.

We can help your business discover opportunities that drive business growth across multiple channels including SEO, Digital PR, PPC, social campaigns and more.

We want to work with forward thinking & courageous eCommerce brands. If this sounds like you then we would love to work with you.

Tell me more!

As a business owner, I felt uninspired by the way traditional agencies were approaching eCommerce marketing, and so I founded Contrast as a highly specialised alternative; a digital marketing agency.

We definitely aren’t traditional.

Founder & Director

The Team

Collectively, the team here at Contrast have spent decades working on digital campaigns and know their industries- SEO, PPC, PR and Design - inside and out. We have been around long enough to know what works, and what really doesn’t work, for clients.


SEO Strategist


Digital PR Specialist


Head of Design
“When you think positive, good things happen.”


Business Development Manager
“Do or do not, there is no try”


Videographer and Editor


Founder & Director
“Don’t tell people your plans. Show them your results”


Managing Director


Director of Finance and Operations