Case study: Successfully migrated the website and saw an increase in the top three rankings by 9%.

AirPOS is the UK and Ireland's leading Point Of Sale system for independent retailers. They offer the simplest-to-use POS system in the market today, combining cash and contactless card payments, inventory control, sales reporting and many other features that are compatible with all major accounting software packages.

The Challenge

To find an agency that understands their business needs and goals to help increase their market share.

AirPOS needed specialist SEO help in order to assist them in the migration of their website without losing any of their current traffic/rankings for their top-performing pages. They looked for external help as they did not have these skills in-house.

The reason they were looking to do this is that they were now on the offensive from a sales/marketing perspective. Their hand was forced into making the website migration/redesign as their site was static rather than built on a CMS (Content Management System).

They needed their new internal marketing team to be able to update the content themselves to push the company forwards and increase their market share.

The final piece to the puzzle would then be to build off of this new foundation and put in place an effective content marketing strategy. They wanted help to catapult their content marketing performance by being able to target more qualified buyers with the added benefit that they’ll have a higher probability of converting.

The AirPOS team was large and there wasn’t effective communication between the marketing and development teams so it was extremely important that we created an efficient plan for them to communicate and manage projects well.

The Solution

Specialist SEO assistance and strategy to mitigate damage with medium to long term growth.

In order to help AirPOS reach their business goals and overcome their digital marketing challenges, they needed a team of experts to assist with the implementation of a bespoke digital strategy through this critical period in their digital transformation.

It was crucial that the Contrast team audited and analysed the site to ensure that they got a full understanding of the challenges AirPOS faced. Knowing these meant we could put in place countermeasures and resolve these before they ever turn into a critical or long term issue.

Through the auditing process of doing all this work, it also highlighted several further opportunities AirPOS could leverage into their new website launch.

  • Break out the product features page into individual feature pages allowing them to go into more detail around the benefits.
  • Add in sector solutions pages due to BoFu (Bottom of the funnel) high intent search volume they were currently not targeting such as “bar pos system” which only had a UK MSV of 60 but a CPC £40.
  • Adding a native blog to the site instead of using Medium, a third party hosted platform which doesn't help towards own SEO efforts.

Working with a larger team meant there was a cross department disconnection between marketing and development so it was important to get buy-in and help in connecting both teams together.

With this in mind in the lead up to the launch we did an onsite visit where the team flew over to Belfast to work alongside each other to make sure everything was ready and smooth for the site migration to happen.

During our time onsite we ensured a number of tasks were completed such as:

  • The implementation of tracking tools to ensure performance was accurately tracked and a process was put in place to respond whenever there is something wrong on the site.
  • Assisting the design team with components such as content snippets that needed to be added into the templates.
  • Formatting the templates and making sure they were structured, with headers and SEO elements in mind.
  • Outlined content structure for the new pages that were added into the new site architecture.
  • The team re-wrote all of the meta titles and descriptions for all of the main service pages to ensure that each page was optimised to its full potential.

Post site launch we worked with the team to monitor the traction and ironed out the small issues which worked out smoothly. With the new site in place, we then helped the marketing team to put in place a content marketing strategy they could action internally.

Below are some of the specific tasks we did in the content marketing strategy that were implemented in order to align with AirPOS’s goals for the business:

  • The previous website lacked content and wasn’t optimised efficiently for intent so this was a priority to drive traffic.
  • Researching and creating blog content to ensure their site had relevant evergreen content.
  • The team devised a robust content strategy which included a content calendar with detailed content briefs to strategically sustain the business in the medium term.
Martin Neill

Martin Neill CEO

Our confidence in growing commercially has been bolstered dramatically by all of the strategies Contrast has put in place for us. We have already recommended Contrast to some of our most trusted clients because Contrast are in this sector for the right reasons and we strongly believe that they can help any business grow with their digital marketing.