Case study: A 553% increase in organic traffic within 12 months and 50+ brand mentions in national and local media outlets

ARB & Grounds are a family run garden & grounds machinery sales, repairs and servicing centre based in Derby. They’re also the largest supplier of lawnmowers, ride-on lawnmowers, strimmers and brushcutters, chainsaws and arborist equipment in the local area.

The Challenge

Helping an old-school business dominate in a new online world.

With several other local businesses offering the same products and services, it was vital for Arb & Grounds to stand out and be positioned as the go-to local experts.

The content on their website didn’t reflect their expertise and ability. They do regular work for people like The Environment Agency, The National Trust and Belper Town F.C. that potential customers don't know about this.

As a young business relative to their industry, Arb and Grounds struggled with exposure, despite being based in a city. They needed help to promote themselves and work towards becoming a household name within Derby.

The problem was further compounded by the fact that they were not ranking for any of their target keywords. This in turn meant that they weren't getting traffic to their website.

After quickly realising that having a website was only part of the solution in getting extra customers through the door, they knew they needed specialist help.

It was clear from speaking to the store manager that they didn't have the knowledge to implement these changes in-house or the time due to dealing with the day to day running of the business.

For this project to be a success, it was going to be measured by three main metrics: extra revenue generated, organic traffic and keyword rankings.

The Solution

A comprehensive SEO audit and action plan.

Knowing that Contrast were the go-to specialists in the Garden and Grounds care industry for digital marketing, they reached out to us for help.

We conducted a comprehensive SEO audit of the site that examined:

  • Current keyword positioning and traffic sources
  • The domain authority and backlink profile relative to successful competitors
  • Onsite content and keyword mapping
  • Technical SEO issues, site speed, information architecture and more

The audit identified multiple issues and recommended the following action items:

  • Optimising the website, focusing heavily on mobile-experience, as the majority of inbound traffic was via smartphones and tablets.
  • Create dedicated landing pages for their services, with relevant copy that answered customers questions and objections.
  • Create content around garden and grounds equipment in order to generate backlinks from other websites and secure their keyword rankings.

We were able to split customers into user groups, identifying their key motivations, triggers and shopping habits of each. We achieved this by looking in Google Analytics, analysing historical sales data as well as interviewing past customers.

Knowing this information enabled us to hit the ground running and create some PPC campaigns to help Arb and Grounds gain the traffic they needed in the short term. We also paired this with a simple Facebook retargeting ads campaign.

Finally, in order to earn more backlinks, Arb and Grounds needed to create new ideas and content regularly to fully develop their site. We handled the entire process and through research, identified quality material that would efficiently achieve this goal.

Nigel Dawes

Nigel Dawes Parts and Showroom Manager

Contrast did a fantastic job of helping us get more customers through the door.

We’ve been rushed off our feet as we’ve not had this many customers to deal with before; which is fantastic.

The Result

A 553% lift in organic traffic led to an extra £100k in turnover.

Changes were made within the first couple of months to reflect Arb and Grounds’ expertise within their industry through testimonials from local authorities they have worked with, including The Environment Agency, The National Trust, Belper Town F.C., Edgbaston Priory and Rowlatts Hill Primary Academy.

Implementation of the technical SEO audit gradually increased the site’s organic traffic month-over-month in combination with strategic links gained from The Arboricultural Association, Service Dealer, Etesia UK and British Agricultural and Garden Machinery Association.

Over the course of a year we helped Arb and Grounds gain extra exposure through features on quality sources such as BBC Radio Derby, ITV Central, BBC TV East Midlands Today and Derby Telegraph. This led to Arb and Grounds having more than 50+ brand mentions across different mediums.

We helped Arb and Grounds realise the importance of collecting customer reviews and have since amassed 20+ reviews across Google My Business and Facebook.

There was a noticeable influx in domestic customers with the most trade coming via commercial/B2B.

With the increased footfall, two additional staff members were hired to facilitate demand.

As a result of the campaign, year-over-year organic traffic skyrocketed by an incredible 553%.

Arb & Grounds finished their financial year having generated an extra £100k in turnover which continues to grow and reflects a good return on investment.