MULTIONE UK create multifunction Mini Loaders, offering innovative solutions for those looking to maximise productivity in every industry, from landscaping and agriculture to construction and public maintenance. With numerous models and over 170 attachments available, MultiOne is the most powerful, innovative and reliable multifunction mini loaders out there.

Drop-off in organic traffic completely recovered within 2 months
Increase in year-over-year organic traffic to

Taking things to the next level

MultiOne was placed in a challenging situation when the in-house eCommerce manager was headhunted. To make matters worse, their website had taken a downturn, losing 50% of their organic traffic over a short period of time and as organic traffic drives the most qualified leads, recovering this became the top priority.

MultiOne also wanted to grow their online marketing efforts and increase market share, but some of their most valuable, highest-traffic keywords had been knocked down the search rankings and so the number of quality leads had reduced. This had a serious impact on revenue as each sale is worth an average value of £25,000.

A comprehensive SEO audit identified multiple issues and we got to work:

Reorganising & Decluttering

Reducing the number of bloated indexed pages throughout so that search engine would only see content of value.

Removing malware

Multiple warnings in Google Search Console suggested the site had been hacked. A scan of the server identified multiple malware instances which were swiftly removed.

Speeding things up

The site’s speed was very slow due to uncompressed images, a lack of caching and similar, easy to remedy issues. All fixed.

Securing everything

Develop an HTTP to HTTPS migration plan to help secure the site and brings things in line with Google’s guidelines for sites to have SSL certificates by default.

We also undertook a content audit to see what we should keep, update or drop moving forwards, and as this took time to monitor in the first instance, it allowed us to make sure everything was performing to standard.

A 20% increase in organic traffic

Within a month, MultiOne started to see results from the changes implemented. Several of their biggest keywords jumped to prominent positions in search results, and organic traffic began to pick back up.

Over the course of six months, we implemented further changes to help bolster MultiOne UK’s website, such as being featured in industry publications like Pro Arb, All Things ARB and The Arboricultural Association.

As a result, MultiOne UK has seen a 20% increase in year-over-year organic traffic.

Contrast did great work helping us to not only recover a lot of lost website traffic but also increase it.

We recommend working with the team at Contrast and encourage you to reach out to them today.

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